Don’t Monkey Around With CoVid19

Wear a mask don't monkey around
If you want to stay healthy, don’t monkey around with CoVid19, wear a protective mask.

If you want to stay healthy, don’t monkey around with CoVid19, wear a protective mask otherwise, you will get infected, suffer terribly in hospital trying to breathe and perhaps, die from suffocation etc.

It may start off as a dry cough followed by a sudden fever, loss of taste or smell, tightness and chest pain, and maybe some coughing up of blood, or it may seem just like a simple flu with symptoms that soon pass after a day or two.

This sneaky, deadly, virus manifests in many ways in different people and none are identical except that all these individuals are infected and become silent carriers, some as “super spreaders,” ready to spread the viral disease to everybody that fails to protect themselves.

The state of Florida for example averaged 10,000 new cases per day last week however, on July 12, 2020, it set a new record 15,300 cases in a single day primarily because people failed to wear protective masks, practice social distancing, and constantly wash their hands with soap or use 70% alcohol hand sanitizer.

Stories and accompanying news videos depicted thousands of unprotected, mostly young people drinking and having fun on crowded beaches or bars some actually had “CoVid19 parties” because they were ignorant or stupid and believed those who claimed it just all a hoax by medical authorities and government designed to deprive them of their rights.

Florida alone has tripled the 100,000 case benchmark set on June 22, 2020 and things are not looking very promising as this runaway corona-virus train continues to race down the track seemingly with no way to stop it.

Presently, Florida is ahead of the pack of several other US states including Arizona and Texas followed by California that are not far behind in infections rate numbers.

Combined they hold the morbid distinction of being CoVid19 infections leaders, whose rate numbers have pushed the US infection positive rate to about 20%.

After early success in “flattening the curve” during the May-June lock-down Governor DeSantis decided that the state economy was more important than waiting a little bit longer before allowing bars, beaches, and other tourist attractions to open.

DeSantis followed president Trump’s suggestions that the US economy must come first however, when things suddenly went south near end of June the Governor quickly closed down the bars.

What he didn’t do however, is he resisted forcing people to wear masks despite being well advised by state medical authorities that doing so would probably cause a big surge in infections

Seems economics are far more important than healthy citizen taxpayers for politicians, especially those facing difficult elections very soon.

Wishful thinking coupled with a faulty hope that this imported, probably engineered, super, infectious pathogen will somehow vanish after a short while by itself or when “herd immunity” is achieved seem factors in Trump’s and DeSantis’s fatal decisions.

Herd immunity allegedly happens following a massive amount of infections and deaths of mostly the poorer, weaker, less affluent, members of society, who only really matter when politicians want to get elected heck, they know that there is never a shortage of this segment of voters.

Despite the awful situation presently happening Mr. DeSantis claims that things are stabilizing and has told residents that “there’s no need to be fearful!”

Meanwhile, Mr. Gorilla wears his protective mask because he is a smart ape, he just doesn’t monkey around with his health and of those around him!