Local Bar Scene

Local Bar Scene
CoVid19 evaporated local bar scene like the sun the morning dew .

Almost everywhere, business has suffered and in particular the booze business since CoVid19 appeared resulting in the local bar scene evaporating like the sun the morning dew .

Initially all governments reacted to stop the spread of this deadly infection however, massive loss of income from taxes soon outweighed any concern about the taxpayers-citizens.

The governments allegedly relied on controlled media information and in particular the early reports that indicated this highly contagious virus seemed to kill certain segments of the population sparing others who appeared lightly affected.

The old, those with existing health problems, and those in retirement homes were thought to be vulnerable while the youth seldom had any real problems with this new corona-virus according to the all knowing, esteemed, world medical experts and especially the WHO, the World Health Organization.

These experts particularly the WHO are the same people that were very hesitant to inform the world that we had a pandemic raging on and it was after things could not be suppressed anymore that they finally admitted the truth perhaps, because their Communist Chinese regime puppet masters gave them their OK to do so.

This deadly pathogen by then had circled our entire planet causing multiple “hot spots” all over the place, where infections soared unabated for weeks on end and death rates followed closely behind .

It wasn’t long before lock-downs were happening all over the place, businesses closing down, economies collapsing while costs mounted to astronomical heights, this Chinese origin virus changed our whole lives overnight.

As this is being written we are told daily that we must expect a “new normal” for a long time perhaps, for the rest of our mortal lives.

Lessons have been learned about the bug and how to “bend the curve” or limit the rate of infection and death by following certain rules this however, need not have happened if our governments were responsible and not “asleep at switch” when word got out that China was in a panic state battling this new virus .

The Internet was full of videos escaping out of Communist China showing the Wuhan city residents actually being prevented leaving their high rise condo buildings by the Communist regime’s police and military.

Special crews went out to weld up front entrances and all windows with steel bars to prevent escapes meanwhile, police and special paramilitary squads patrolled the streets.

Perhaps, this whole exercise now is just a preparation for that N. W. O., the New World Order the late US president George Bush Sr. proclaimed was going to improve our future world then again, mentioning this makes us part of those “conspiracies” our “free press” aka controlled media continues to write about.

Everyone desperately wants things to get back to “normal” when we can go about our lives the way we were used to yet the infection rate numbers keep going up and people are dying simply because they didn’t wear a mask, constantly washed their hands, and disinfected surfaces or anything picked up.

The local bar scene is deadly as for example here in the province of Quebec, where patrons at a local drinking establishment on Montreal’s south-shore failed to heed warnings of crowding, didn’t wear their protective masks, probably handled infected bar glasses, bottles, and perhaps ate hand contaminated munchies like salted peanuts.

Health authorities and the government have yet to get the exact number infected and are working to establish that.

This all happened because the Quebec government eased rules perhaps too early, allowing bars to open and stupid people to congregate and consume booze .

Perhaps, some of these bar patrons visited that familiar bar foolishly assumed that the pandemic was over or just a hoax, let their guard down had a “couple of drinks” with their new “friend” or” friends” they met in the place meanwhile, the alcohol further affected their thinking etc.

Folks, it’s a virtual minefield out there and if you fail to protect yourself and act stupid, you will be just part of the overall tally of victims, pandemic statistics.