Happy 4th July 2020 Americans

Fourth of July
A Fourth of July 2020, where 55, 000 new infection cases of CoVid19 a day is the “new normal”!

A very happy 4th July 2020 Americans and it should be a wonderful day for your whole family and friends enjoying life however, that would be during normal times.

Today unfortunately, you are experiencing a pandemic where 55, 000 new infection cases of CoVid19 a day is the “new normal“!

According to Dr. Anthony Fauci, your White House top federal health expert who spoke to the American Medical Association things are well on the way to achieving 100,000 infections in a day if something drastic is not done to prevent this.

Government and its agencies can do a lot of things to inform people about what is happening, the pathogen and what it does, and what precautions to take however, nobody in so-called democratic world can make people voluntarily heed the warnings and act responsibly.

Americans not covering their faces in public or following social distancing rules during lock-downs and after things have improved only because enough people did follow the rules once, will only ensure a long hot summer of high infection rates and deaths overwhelming local medical services.

The predicted “second wave” is almost ascertain in fact, guaranteed, yet it seems there are more than sufficient number of ignorant and dumb people that believe they have the constitutional right to infect and kill themselves and many other innocent people that fate unfortunately will bring in contact with these fools.

Dr. Fauci warned that if everyone doesn’t start complying with rules “we’re (fellow Americans) going to be in some serious difficulty!”

Tonight, US president Donald Trump is going to attend a pre-Fourth of July celebrations at Mount Rushmore to rally his troops and see fireworks no doubt for many who attend this event probably this will be their last if they fail to take proper precautions.

It’s called “culling the herd” and unfortunately that is what will happen if people are fools and attend this event without masks and practicing social distancing, which no doubt, will be almost impossible in a huge tightly packed crowd..have a wonderful time!