Victory Day 2020???

Russia Victory Day 2020???
Vladimir Putin’s Russia held a lavish parade today, Victory Day 2020, celebrating the 75th anniversary of Joseph Stalin’s in 1945.

Vladimir Putin‘s Russia held a lavish parade today, Victory Day 2020, celebrating the 75th anniversary of Joseph Stalin‘s in 1945 concluding WW2.

Despite vast destruction and basics supply shortages soviet citizens were suffering Stalin’s Communist regime put on an extravaganza military might show in Moscow to celebrate that great “patriotic” victory over Hitler and the Nazis.

Ordinary Russians and others continued to suffer shortages of all sorts until sometime in the 1950’s yet this victory parade and numerous other military parades would continue to be held similarly in Putin’s Russia the tradition continues regardless if a growing Corona-virus Pandemic is happening or not!

Today, June 24, 2020, crowds gathered to watch the grand parade on Moscow’s Red Square no doubt all state mass media was also broadcasting this spectacle.

The parade had 14,000 troops marching across the Square past their fearless leader Mr. Putin stand, where he and a select CoVid19 pre-screened group of old NKVD veterans and a few foreign country representatives looked on.

Putin mirroring his idol Stalin 75 years ago began today’s celebration by declaring a moment of allegedly solemn silence to reflect on the Soviet Union’s estimated 27 million war dead.

Rumbling along afterwards as usual, military hardware was paraded that included some intercontinental ballistic missiles on heavy, mobile, tracked transports intended to show Russian defensive nuclear might

This year’s parade happened exactly 75 years after returning Soviet troops back from that terrible war marched across Red Square to pile up flags and banners of the defeated Nazi Germany on the ground.

Defeating Nazis with the help of the Allies, which somehow continue to remain unmentioned, and their combined industrial war materiel output was one thing defeating a probable man-made deadly virus is an unknown.

CoVid19 is an extremely contagious, invisible, silent, deadly, pathogen that is a formidable enemy, an almost impossible task, yet despite over 600,000  confirmed cases happening right now Putin decided to go ahead with his parade.

Like his idol Joseph Stalin, Vladimir Putin, incidentally is  just one of a seemly select, handpicked, group of (stooge) “leaders” that are running governments across our globe  bent on human destruction.

Putin is self-centered, extremely rich, heavily protected 24/7/365 and schemes only about how to stay in power regardless of what happens to anyone including those around him.

Average, ordinary, Russian citizens are just nothing, mean nothing at all as are foreigners except perhaps, the connected, extremely rich, international billionaires.

Vladimir has used this parade as a smokescreen event to obscure his reconfiguration of  Russia’s constitution to give himself an extension to remain in power until 2036 aka ” emperor for life“.

It is not far fetched to predict that this parade will only solidify Mother Russia’s global number three status of confirmed infections and deaths.