Advanced Open Society Population Control 101

 Advanced Open Society Population Control 101
Mass demonstrations and rioting in middle of global pandemic guarantees exterminating millions perhaps billions .

Presently, advanced open society population control 101 is happening globally something that certain well known globalist celebrities have talked about for decades, although in a muted level tones.

As their personal, already massive, wealth increased exponentially so did our human population numbers almost in tandem to about 9 billions.

After unleashing their pet project some time before last August 2019 and watching in amazement as it seized our world at almost cyber speed the 1% of the 1% must have been in a state of absolute joy beyond nirvana.

Even now, every moment, every hour, every day, average, ordinary, innocent people the world over are increasingly getting infected, turning up sick, and dying in already overcrowded, overwhelmed medical centers or instead they pass away at home or elsewhere.

After having infected Europe and North America with their deadly Year-of-the Rat CoVid19 bio-gift (that keeps on giving) the Chinese tourists are back at home attempting to rebuild their economy.

Fortunately, China has help financially from its considerable portfolio of international debt holding, important technology international business takeovers, vast holdings of international real estate, arms sales, illegal artificial opiates production and smuggling, sales of human body parts removed from prisoners live for medical science use, human trafficking, etc.

According to their state controlled mass-media, CoVid19 has been technically defeated  and things are back to normal with just a few rare infections happening and nobody dying from the highly contagious, deadly, corona-virus anymore, that is, if you can believe and trust Communists!

Interestingly, Putin’s Russia, although in reality has a very high infection rate and many deaths, maintains “officially” unrealistically low death total numbers managed because of their allegedly quick government quarantine initiatives when warned early of the CoVid19 threat.

The unrealistic low numbers help preparations for re-staging earlier cancelled military May 9 Victory Day Parade now scheduled for June 25, 2020 and more importantly re-configuring Russia’s constitution to extend Vladimir Putin reign indefinitely.

Meanwhile, Russia is relenting on its previously strict quarantine rules allowing re-opening of businesses and public facilities etc. while in Moskwa (Moscow) hospitals appear “normal” similar to before the raging pandemic hiding the reality that is happening all across the vast country.

Global mass-media seldom mentions China much instead reports concentrate on the havoc in USA, Europe, Africa, Asia, and South America.

Apparently coverage of USA’s struggle with an ever expanding infection and death rate was just too much, spooking the globalists making them nervous about a possible revolution coming considering the massive quantity of privately owned guns and ammunition Americans have.

Fortunately, the tragic death of George Floyd provided a means to alleviate that, globalists quickly created a psychological smokescreen to shield themselves using long existing social injustices.

Employing their previously prepared clandestine army of paid, black clothed, agents provocateurs and other trained revolutionaries in causing outrage, fomenting escalation and retaliation from authorities they established an atmosphere of uncertainty and dread.

Average ordinary Americans, who desire only to live a normal peaceful life are thinking what’s next?

As I already wrote in my previous post Remembering George Floyd , the social upheaval translated through organized arson, physical assault, break and enter, and looting during so-called peaceful Black Live Matter demonstrations shows it all to be a well financed, well oiled, precisely executed exactly to script, diabolical war plan.

Mass demonstrations and rioting in the middle of a global pandemic will only accelerate the spread of the vicious, killer pathogen, which will as a result help globalists usurp power for their New World Order faster meanwhile, exterminating millions perhaps billions in the process.

Any hope of salvation though vaccines will depend on how much more obscene profits the globalists through their controlled pharma corporations will be satisfied with.

Meanwhile, tune in for your daily dose of (Ministry of Truth) approved, controlled, “free press”, mass-media, political soap opera favorites like for example: The Donald, Bozo Boris, Bearded Trudeau, etc.

Also, don’t forget those important regularly scheduled instructions from your favorite”fearless leader”and their panel of experts on those important issues that are happening.