Remembering George Floyd

George Floyd unprecedented social turmoil
George Floyd’s death brought unprecedented social turmoil on American streets.

The last two weeks has brought unprecedented social turmoil on the streets both in the USA and other places in the world apparently by people remembering the late George Floyd.

What started off as routine Minnesota city police operation to check out possible counterfeit money laundering at a local convenience store ended up with one apparently CoVid19 positive man dead.

That George Floyd was black and most of the police officers involved were white was suddenly turned into a race hatred incident even while the USA was still in lock-down due to the global Pandemic.

Since October 2019 China has deliberately suppressed information on how CoVid19 arrived on the scene, what is its actual origin, why was China involved in manipulating an deadly bat virus using gene splicing technology, and lastly, why didn’t it responsibly and timely fashion inform everybody the very contagious pathogen was on the loose?

Starting last February and continuing until today our lives have completely changed meanwhile, our mass-media in tandem with governments has disseminated nothing but news about deaths, mounting infection rates, and a tiny bit on the survived after a stay in overcrowded hospitals on an artificial ventilator.

All was doom and gloom and everybody locked down for fear of spikes in the rate of infections, it seemed like all hope was lost that we remained alive only because we listened to our tireless, fearless “leaders” and their top doctor expert medical teams.

Meanwhile, after the initial few weeks our controlled mass-media informed us about some government leaked information that our countries were suddenly running on empty however, all was not lost because lo and behold money was somehow available.

Our leaders were promising to help business and industry and certain segments of society who qualified for some cash in order to restart our near dead economies

Interesting enough China as a global lender already holds USD 1 Trillion dollars of debt and some of all this new money now being borrowed may come from them again with just a tiny amount of interest wink, wink, nod, nod!

Everything was going to be alright because after all, we were in this together, we shall overcome however, the hour of our liberation was still debatable but fear not it’s just around the corner.

Seems our masters, the secret societies ,fearing that the natives, that’s us, were getting restless, more and more concerned about their own lives and their families, and what sort of “new normal awaits inspired them to begin looking for some sort of diversion.

Realizing that a real revolution affecting their interests was possible they jumped for joy when the right opportunity miraculously happened in Minnesota.

Globalists started the whole mess and wanted a way to distract our focus, our attention from it, when George Floyd died while being arrested.

This tragic event gave them that excellent excuse using their controlled mass-media to create their “bad guys”, those evil cops!

It’s amazing to see their efficient, diabolical, behind-the-scenes, global, machinery in action controlling everything that goes on.

Suddenly, everything was happening, there was “social justice” for the underdog, those abused poor blacks, seems everyone and his uncle were in action to right this long standing wrong almost on cue.

Actually, it was on cue, globalists well financed teams of professional agitators along with anarchists, arsonists, and other criminals ensured that violent riots happened.

Additionally, “rent-a-crowds” a mélange of the pandemic unemployed composed of delinquent youths, homeless, students, and retirees with lots of time on their hands, were invited to join in the paid for “fun” which supplemented and embellished any real peaceful “Black Lives Matter“demonstrator crowds.

Meanwhile, controlled mass-media did its part continually bleating that this was a “just cause” to be involved in, that injustices happened, and that something has to be done about it.

Arson and looting, assaulting non-blacks, attacking the police stations, destroying private businesses, burning civilian and police cars, armed robbery, murder of police officers etc., was now alright because “No Justice, No Peace” allegedly allowed it.

Interesting, that just last year that WHO members, certain noted globalist celebrities and politicians, were almost tripping over each other busy visiting Wuhan and Beijing , China, ensuring financial support including for lab work being done allegedly to save humanity from “killer viruses”.

Just weeks before the outbreak multi-billionaire Bill Gates, the WHO, and a selected, exclusive, few conducted a very realistic simulation, an exercise about a possible Pandemic that just about mirrors CoVid19 happening.

The exercise was designed to establish reaction to, appropriate steps to take, and possible outcomes of these actions to contain this infection eruption etc.

Was this coincidence or only a fluke that our CoVid19 happened shortly afterwards smothering our globe with infection that we are still struggling to cope with today?

Finally, is it pure coincidence that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation funds a select collection of pharmaceutical corporations they have controlling financial interests in and just happen to be involved in producing vaccines including one for CoVid19 hmm?

NEWS FLASH: Controlled mass-media reports that the 1% globalists collectively have amassed about USD 150 billion dollars more for themselves since the start of this Pandemic.. a COINCIDENCE???