D Day 2020

June 6, 2020 is D Day, remembering Normandy 1945
Saturday  is D Day 2020 , remembering Allied sacrifices incurred in Normandy, France June 6, 1944

Tomorrow, Saturday  is D Day 2020, a day of remembering of the thousands of young men who stormed the beaches of Normandy on this day on June 6, 1944 to begin the liberation of occupied France and later all Europe from Nazi Germany.

During this Allied invasion called Operation Overlord multitudes of Allied military forces were flown behind enemy lines where they parachuted down many under heavy enemy fire to capture strategic positions before the main force of friendly military landed on the beaches.

Despite this covert action Allied military still encountered very heavy artillery, machine-gun, and mortar fire from the German defenders well hidden in numerous pillboxes, trenches, and concrete and sandbagged  positions that covered the beaches where numerous embedded obstacles also obstructed arrival of landing craft, all these cost many Allied lives.

Needless to say it was a very terrifying experience that the few still living veterans can attest as being very lucky to live through that have haunted their civilian lives until their last moment.

We must remember them, we have to remember their sacrifice for our freedom however, we must also never forget that all wars are a racket carefully designed by our secret society elites to embellish and engorge their already staggering, mind boggling, wealth and near absolute power over us through  it.

Last year 2019, another war was launched, an unprovoked, unannounced, war, an unwarranted, secret , biological attack, whose scope encircled our whole globe consuming the lives of hundreds of thousands of average, ordinary,innocent, human beings, infecting and continuing infecting near one million people as this is written.

Yesterday, June 4, 2020, a high ranking respected, member of Britain’s MI6 revealed that he has seen clear evidence that Communist China, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), was involved in developing a secret bio-warfare product or at least artificially manipulating a virus derived from bats.

Speculation is that an accident happened and despite the Chinese scientists’ best efforts to contain the virus in their category 4 laboratory the bug escaped, probably by infecting someone working in this facility.

China is a member of the World Health Organization and despite its minimal financial support of this global health organization somehow they seem to have more influence than the USA, which has funded it ten-fold more however, this is not the problem.

Our mutual problem is that the Chinese deliberately failed to inform the WHO and the world that they had a very dangerous, extremely contagious, pathogen on the loose instead, they used their Chinese New Year as cover, as the method, to spread this virus by unwitting, average, ordinary, Chinese travelers, who despite being infected showed no symptoms.

These innocent, unsuspecting, Chinese travelers were in effect similar to our WW2 parachutists acting behind enemy lines,  blowing things up, killing, and causing mayhem, the travelers instead, started infections everywhere they visited.

Places visited include Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Britain etc., following their departure unsuspecting locals contaminated their neighborhoods meanwhile, visiting international visitors then carried the virus home causing  local epidemics leading to our global pandemic.

The WHO is complicit  in all this because they were negligent in not acting responsibly by verifying things  despite all sorts of reports and blatant evidence available to them, they finally, reluctantly, publicly, acknowledged the obvious months after the fact.

Today, our whole planet is infected by this man-made pathogen, CoVid19, that will haunt humanity probably forever even if we ever get those promised vaccines.

The secret global elite through their carefully selected lackeys, our “democratically elected” leaders, and their controlled mass-media have promised that within 6 to 18 months everything will be back to “normal” although it will be a new normal that will no doubt mesh perfectly with the fast approaching NWO!