Dirty Harry Meets CoVid19

Do You Feel Lucky Punk?
During the 2020 global Pandemic, “Dirty Harry” meets a vicious new killer, CoVid19 .

One day, during the height of the 2020 global Pandemic, “Dirty Harry” meets a vicious new killer,  CoVid19 corona-virus, stalking victims on the streets of San Francisco and ..

Last weekend, May 31, Inspector Callahan aka “Dirty Harry” aka Clint Eastwood celebrated his 90th birthday, a milestone for this famous Academy Award winning movie star, movie director, politician, and Hollywood multi-millionaire.

During his acting career when he played the tough no guff San Francisco detective-inspector fighting all  sorts of very nasty, no-good , bad guys, he used his powerful Smith&Wesson, Model 29 , 44 Remington Magnum revolver to solve the problem.

Presently, most of us almost everywhere on the globe we are facing powerful, invisible, dangerous, contagious, corona virus nasty that sneakly assaults many of us wouldn’t it be nice, if we had a guy like Dirty Harry, who could blast them all with that cannon-like handgun!

It is very interesting that in real life Clint Eastwood hates guns and probably supports the American anti-gun movement as does most of Hollywood cohort yet there are few movies that it has produced that didn’t use guns and portray gun violence or gun play of some sort.

My story is not about guns or the Dirty Harry series of movies it is simply to congratulate a great movies  star and director, the person behind the acting, belatedly on his birthday. A very happy, belated, 90th Birthday Mr. Eastwood!

Sometimes indulging in a bit of fantasy daydreaming helps us cope with what life throws at us, like the global pandemic we are experiencing right now heck,  aren’t Hollywood movies pure fantasy after all!