Memorial Day 2020

Memorial Day 2020

Today Americans celebrate Memorial Day 2020 to honor their fallen heroes and remember all those that gave it all they could to help preserve the country’s freedoms and independence.

There are many Americans who fought and some are still involved in battle in the various wars and conflicts around the globe including WWI, WW2, Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan to name a few.

War has also inspired some famous individuals including just about every American president to field quotations that have stood the test of time for their unique perspective on things related to war.

Perhaps, the most earlier perspective was a quote by Benjamin Franklin, who said “Those who give up essential liberties for temporary safety deserve neither liberty or safety!”

This quote is certainly timely today considering the amount of civil liberties lost by Americans since the Vietnam War until today to the controlled, corrupt, political establishment.

Americans now have a new battle in a Pandemic caused by  the Corona-virus  CoVid19.

“It is foolish and wrong to mourn the men who died, rather we should thank God that such men lived !” is a famous quote by four-star General George S. Patton Jr. when commemorating WW2 dead.

Patton was probably the best army general the USA had and was responsible for the final defeat of Nazi Germany’s forces not involved in battle with the Red Army on the Eastern Front.

“Old soldiers never die, they just fade away!” , a quote by then departing four-star General Douglas MacArthur, who was sacked by US president Truman for alleged insubordination.

“On Memorial Day, it is right for us to remember the living and the dead for whom the call of their country has meant much pain and sacrifice.” is part of a quote by Lyndon B. Johnson, US president during the horrific Vietnam War.

At this moment Americans and the whole world are involved in an existential war with an unseen, deadly, Corona-virus enemy called China Origin Virus Infectious Disease 19 and so far it is winning as it spreads unabated.

Battling this enemy everyone must follow the guidelines exactly or this war will be with us forever.