Deliberately Deflective With Smirk

Smirking Lijian Zhao, China foreign affairs
China’s smirking Lijian Zhao, blaming USA for CoVid19

China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Lijian Zhao has been deliberately deflective about his country’s role in our global corona-virus pandemic, his mug carried a slight smirk when he suggested that the USA is to blame for this contagion.

Fearless leader Xi Jinping and his Chinese Communist Party smarting from the recent growing rash of heavy world criticism for alleged neglect in allowing the contagion to escape China’s borders are resorting to bold lies and state propaganda as a defense to stem the onslaught.

Many still believe that all this was either planned pathogen engineering in the Wuhan category 4 research lab (funded incidentally by US and British taxpayer money) intended for maximum health and economic damage globally.

The other valid scenario is that sloppy security allowed the corona-virus to escape the lab causing an epidemic, news of which was suppressed until leaked to Internet after which the Party failed to inform the WHO about its contagious community spreading until thousand of Chinese New Year visitors carrying the “gift” had dispersed to other countries.

Apparently, Xi Jinping’s Communist regime feels invincible enough that it can do as they wish based on their vast global financial influence and large military equipped with advanced arms including nuclear.

Xi has surrounded himself with a mostly young well educated diplomatic cadres many trained at some of the best ivy-league western universities who possess the latest social media skills allowing them easily to saturate the Internet with their “truth” to deflect the global disgust with their CCP over CoVid19.

These new “wolf warrior” boys confidently launch salvos of persistent tweets and posts from their embassies around the world holding back very little of their type of sarcasm and intimidating aggression.

Our image depicts “wolf warrior” Lijian Zhao as he defends China by trying to spin a tall tale about USA being the creators of the deadly corona-virus, Zhao seems very confident  of himself considering that apparently he has a 600,000 Twitter fan audience.

This side-show by China however, must not derail our attention about our modern day  “Frankenstein monster” aka CoVid19,  something that the WHO now says will probably remain with humanity forever.

The deadly Wuhan virus is like that proverbial genie that was allowed to escape out its bottle and cannot be put back.

One thing is for certain , life as we all knew it ended in late 2019 and our “new normal” is something only Hell could envision and be proud of!