Happy Earth Day 2020

Happy Earth Day 2020
Happy Earth Day 2020 !

The sky is dark with them as they move over the area devouring everything that is green meanwhile, in our enlightened, civilized, industrialized, world everyone is celebrating, Happy Earth Day 2020.

CoVid19 ironically allows us taking a break from saving our planet from the dreaded climate change.

In Africa and other parts of our globe according to the UN, the spectre of HUNGER once again threatens those who least can afford it, those who are barely surviving under normal circumstances yet now will bare the brunt of it.

Locusts are an existential, unprecedented, threat to food supply known to mankind since biblical times, and a typical swarm of these voracious insect pests, just a bit more than a third of a square mile, they eat what 35,000 poor people do in one day.

While this is happening a new dusted off old slogan “We’re all in this together!” is being aired 24/7 on controlled radio, TV, Internet, and social media by our NWO approved and installed governments, and their useful fool representatives, the “beautiful people”, their “stars” celebs.

“The coronavirus crisis has exposed the ugly truth about celebrity culture and capitalism.
The rich and famous are desperate to prove we are all in this together – in fact, the outbreak has highlighted just how false that is!”
Arwa Mahdawi (Guardian 31/03/2020)

Meanwhile, just a short while ago..

Today the WHO raised CoVid19’s risk level however, claim data shows it’s not a global pandemic..”

In Wuhan, the workload is inhuman with little-to-no-time for any meaningful rest or sleep, the dead are piling up in hospital mortuaries and there seems no end for understaffed, overworked, ill equipped, workers, who make do by re-using already contaminated gear or creating make-shift gear from raincoats, swim google, plastic bottles, pieces of cloth etc.

Outside the overflowing, choked with concerned relatives, and themselves people are begging to be helped, their symptoms confirmed, or given vital information about family members already inside the jammed up medical centers.

Inside under-equipped and overworked medical staff are getting infected, suffering, and dying in the midst of their work helping everyone else.

Dead bodies are constantly being picked up, stacked, and cremated without notifying the deceased kin, preventing their family members contact and infection.

Elsewhere, in the city’s high-rise condos and private block  town homes, special Chinese government squads are welding steel bars to all entrances and  in all windows to secure inhabitants inside from escaping quarantine even so, some still escape it all by jumping  to their deaths off roof tops.

Do the above six sentences seem somewhat familiar or are they just part of a nightmare and you’re having, a bad dream, which will dissipate like ether the moment you awake.

Reality is, the above  sentences describe what was happening back just a few weeks ago around January-February in China while our trusted WHO and its head, Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, awaited his instructions from Chairman Xi to finally announce the real truth.

While Nero aka  Dr Ghebreyesus fiddled and our controlled, complacent, governments obediently ignored the signs of what was to come, a PANDEMIC nightmare that began to happen across the globe.

Folks have a Happy Earth Day !