Moskwa May CoVid19 Parade

Moskwa May CoVid19 Parade

In Moskwa (Moscow) on May 9th CoVid19 will help celebrate Vladimir Putin’s dream 75th Victory Parade marking Nazi Germany’s WW2 capitulation to Stalin‘s armies.

This scheduled parade marks defunct Soviet Union‘s victory in the so called Great Patriotic War when on the exact day Germany signed the unconditional surrender act in Berlin to end all hostilities.

Despite Vladimir’s extensive planning and great efforts to make it his crowning touch of   his near dictatorial reign as Russia’s “president for life”, CoVid19 just messed it all up for him.

Victory Parade practice began on March 24-25 just outside Moscow in Alabino however,  the coronavirus pandemic unfortunately happened to get in the way.

Although the Kremlin claims a very modest infection rate in this vast country’s regions, in Moscow itself it appears much higher than the admitted, official, figures given out.

Putin’s state controlled mass media is now in massive damage control mode providing an image of calm while desperately trying to hide the very obvious which most Russians already know is happening.

The very contagious, very deadly, virus has already started to cripple Russia’s armed forces with outbreaks happening all over including, its nuclear submarine fleet, airforce, and land forces.

Much preparatory work for this important parade has been under direction of Minister of Defense, General of the Army, Sergey Shoygu and assisted by General Oleg Salyukov, Commander-in-Chief of the Ground Forces.

These two were to also play major roles during the actual parade unfortunately, nobody expected a corona-virus pandemic to happen now in 2020.

Every year, since Putin came to power, dress rehearsals for the Parade are held in the Alabino Training Range in the Moscow Oblast, all aspects of the event are coordinated and precisely practiced by the military groups involved.

This a huge operation involves logistics, massive amounts of equipment, and trained personnel practicing a lot to ensure everything turns out right.

This year the display was to include refurbished T-34‘s like those shown in my picture and other WW2 classic oldies along with quantities of brand new hardware like the latest S-300V4 and S-350 air defense systems etc.,plus masses of soldiers dressed in WW2 garb as well as in modern attire.

Like always, marching bands would fill the air with appropriate, patriotic miltary music, latest helicopters and aircraft were to make flybys overhead to amaze Moscovites and international guests in for the event.

Tons of invites were already given out by Vladimir Putin and company to all world leaders, important rich elites, his oligarch buddies, and friendlies, alas, it all came crashing down, or has it so stay tuned folks..

Meanwhile, time to get in touch with our Moscow contact Boris Badinoff and partner Russian sex-bomb, Natasha, maybe they know something whether the parade is on or not?