Easter 2020

Easter 2020

Christ has risen, Happy Easter!

In these uncertain times where our very existance hangs in the balance Easter 2020 brings us hope.

Our precarious personal situation today reminds us more than ever how our Lord Jesus Christ felt knowing that His mortal life was about to end.

Just like Him we dread dying knowing that each moment during this pandemic may put us on the fasttrack to eternity.

We fear being unlucky to get infected by an unseen,very contagious, deadly, pathogen that lurks for its human victim.

Over 2000 years ago Jesus Christ although He knew what awaits Him, suffered betrayal, false charges, unfair trial, mockery, physical abuse, and death on the cross in company of two criminals.

His glorious resurrection after 3 days on Easter Sunday gives us all hope that we too will again live, be free of our terrible time under the threat of CoVid19.

Soon modern medical science will develop the proper vaccines to protect us from this horrible disease and we again will have “normal” lives or will we?

Our present time in lockdown quarantine has given all of us time to reflect on what is really important in our mortal lives and decide living it as God wants us.

CoVid19 has shown us what we already knew, that our lives are short, it’s a one way trip that will end suddenly without any warning, nobody gets out alive so enjoy the ride!

Happy Easter to All!