CoVid19 Targets Russia

CoVid19 Targets Russia

Global corona-virus infections topped million mark in exponential growth never seen before last night, what Moscovites already feared when turning on their TVs has happened, CoVid19 targets mother Russia.

As of today, April 4, 2020, in the US there were 245,658 Covid-19 cases and shortages of personal protective equipment and ventilators for the most seriously ill has become America’s worst nightmare.

Frantic calls for supplies has caused a desperate global competition for near non-existent sources that may help therefore, if somebody, anybody, even a “bad actor”, or an enemy country offers scarce resources for “free” there is no hesitation to accept it.

Last week during a person-to-person call Russia’s president, crafty, Vladimir Putin offered several tons of badly needed medical equipment and some military medical staff to US president Donald Trump, he gladly accepted the help.

Trump was very much aware of New York city’s acute shortage of hundreds ventilators, the city is USA epicentre of the corona-virus outbreak and every bit helps in this existential fight.

According to the Russian foreign ministry the US paid for half of the supplies while Russia donated the rest as a “humanitarian” gesture.

All this however, was hailed by Russian TV as humanitarian “aid” making no reference to any payment by the USA clearly, Russia’s famous propaganda machine was doing what it always has been best at since Soviet times.

Despite the “no-strings-attached” generousity to its historical enemy during this global pandemic Russia has not changed its Soviet ways despite its own impending, looming, existential showdown with the China origin virus ID 19.

Prior, to Putin’s wonderful offer Russia also similarly, very generously aided Italy, which is still in mortal combat with the corona-virus, it sent a long military convoy of trucks loaded with critically needed supplies.

Moreover, along with these supplies a division of Russian military medical personnel arrived also to help their beleaguered and overwhelmed Italian medical staff comrades interestingly,  Italy still is a NATO country allegedly their “enemy”.

The past 24 hours saw a sudden spike of 771 new infections bringing the officially approved, confirmed total to 3,548 cases and 30 deaths despite an enforced lock-down similar to Europe and USA to limit the disease’s spread.

Only last week Putin announced a one week shutdown of Moscow and the regions to curtail the growing infection rate now that official order has been superceded with an enforced lock-down until the end of April heck, everything is under control Russia has no real CoVid19 epidemic according to the Kremlin!

All breaking this curfew will be jailed otherwise, most will perish because Russia won’t be able to stop the avalanche that awaits it despite the put on appearance given by its “fearless leader” and his rich oligarch friends.

Only ordinary Russians will suffer because of their government’s “generousity” when the shit really hits the fan as it inevitably will soon.

Stay tuned in your home “bunkers” folks, this deadly pandemic is  real.

Please follow your health authorities’ advicewash your hands frequently, avoid crowds if going out for essentials, keep two meters from others, wear personal protection if you have it. Inform yourself as much as possible about how to stay safe by trusting only reliable source advice ie., your government health services.

Also, don’t hoard essentials including personal protective masks and gloves, because our front-line troops, the nurses, doctors, and other supporting medical and hospital staffers are desperate for this important stuff to save lives perhaps, next time  it may be your life!