Perfectly Protected Fearless Leader

Perfectly Protected Fearless Leader
Vladimir Putin was a perfectly protected fearless leader when he visited a hospital in Kommunarka recently, where suspected CoVid19 patients are medically examined for treatment.

Even before entering the sick ward he was fitted with a top quality bio-hazard outfit ensuring maximum protection that is fitting of Russia’s soon to be emperor..oops, president-for-life.

Only Stalin, history’s second most brutal mass-murderer after Communist China’s Mao Tzse Tung, ruled Russia with equivalent power.

Putin has surpassed “Uncle Joe” regarding time residing in the Kremlin skillfully morphing Russia into a post Communist pseudo-Capitalist democratic state melded with the KGB, now renamed FSB secret police, along with the GRU, its sister intelligence agency, ensuring his grip on absolute power.

By-the-way, for those readers that have swallowed our controlled mass media’s version regarding top spot in 20th century mass-murderers, Adolph Hitler and his Nazis place a distant third when tallying up the dead bodies total.

It is little wonder that Vladimir enjoys being fearless leader because his old man actually worked as Stalin’s personal limo driver and probably young Putin was influenced by what he personally saw and heard from his father.

Since attaining power Putin has done much in rehabilitating the “Vozd’s” image and but for CoVid19, plans for celebrating the 75th anniversary of Stalin’s Soviet Russia’s victory over Nazi Germany was on.

This was to be Putin’s big show for Russians and the world as successor to Stalin, where all sorts of new high-tech military equipment was to be shown melded with soldiers dressed in WW2 clothing marching by Lenin’s mausoleum on top of which Vladimir and friends probably would be reviewing it all.

Unfortunately, when Putin sat down to be briefed on CoVid19, Moscow’s mayor, Sergei Sobyanin, gave him the bad news that the number of infected people was far more higher than he’d been told, Russia’s healthcare system was tethering on collapse.

Information was coming in that the disease was rapidly spreading in Moscow and in the regions creating an extreme situation that could possibly overwhelm the country’s health control system very soon.

Until this moment, Kremlin “official” claimed figures were just 500 identified cases and more than 165,000 tests having been carried out, with the disease being under control.

Putin and his top officials had maintained that the greatest danger for Russians was panic!

Our featured image shows the real story developing in mother Russia, that CoVid19 is raging uncontrolled and ordinary folks are starting now to wake up to what the rest of our world is experiencing.