China Origin Virus ID-19 Pandemic

China Origin Virus ID-19 Pandemic

This last Thursday or Friday during questions at the White House President Trump called the virus, the China Virus,
upsetting many sensitive, controlled media types however, it’s the WHO‘s given real name CoVid-19 translated as China Origin Virus Infectious Disease 19, our new global Pandemic.

Wuhan, China is alleged to be where it all started and raged since early December 2019 sickening and killing thousands of average, ordinary Chinese people infected by this new “corona” virus.

The short version of this deadly, contagion is simply CoVid-19 or CoVid19 or SARs-CoVid-2, its notoriety is already established as successor to the 1918 Spanish Flu  pandemic although its finally tally has not yet been established.

Interesting that two old survivors still alive after over 100 years both agree that history is repeating itself because the victims tend to be those that fail to heed warnings given them by authorities and medical professionals.

During the Spanish Flu the victims were primarily the young men, who returned weakened from the WWI today, CoVid19 seems to kill off the older, weaker, generations mostly 70 and older however, it also doesn’t spare anyone else.

Although most of the young probably will suffer mild symptoms, some seemingly akin to a cold which allows them to circulate and silently infect countless, unsuspecting multitudes of people.

It seems human ignorance, neglect, or plain stupidity allows contagious pathogens to openly propagate infecting thousands when coupled with CoVid19’s invisibility despite our governments’ desperate attempts to warn their citizens, everybody of impending mortal danger.

Many citizens simply carry on business as usual despite hearing the warnings or even seeing what has happened elsewhere, where similar attitudes has slaughtered or sickened masses of people.

Everyday, the numbers keep exponentially rising yet many still don’t want to hear about it believing it some derived hoax or put on by the government helped by mass media.

These people mostly the “bullet proof”, invincible, young selfishly doubters think Spring Break is here let’s just enjoy the partying, all stories disseminated on radio, TV, and Internet is fake..WRONG!

CoVid19 is touring it does not discriminate, it will make you very sick, it will kill you.

Battle Stations, battle stations..this is not a drill! Do your part by following quarantine instructions strictly!