CoVid19 Nightmare Tour

CoVid17 has already circled the globe touching down almost everywhere.

In almost complete synchrony a chorus of governments across our globe announced near draconian cessation of normal human circulation in response to the now famous CoVid19 Nightmare Tour.

Its origin still unknown the corona-virus began its tour in Wuhan, China at the beginning of December 2019 quickly overwhelming the country’s modern health system infecting and killing thousands.

Interesting enough, its timing coincided with China’s New Year Year of the Rat celebrations, which normally involve huge dispersions of Chinese travelers across the globe many visiting relatives and friends.

As of this writing, in the USA the CDC has begun human testing of a vaccine for CoVid19 in the effort to stem the avalanche of rising infections and deaths in the country.

Normally, vaccine design, creation, and testing is done using mostly primates like monkeys, and rodents to insure against any side effects and premature deaths from the product however, we are living in “interesting times” where the need requires speed.

Whereas China has managed to allegedly suppress CoVid19 gradually righting “normal” life in the country Europe has now become the focus of the expanding viral disaster with Italy being the worst hit.

Other neighboring countries like France, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, and the UK are bracing for the coming viral catastrophic explosion while seeing their numbers skyrocket within hours 24/7.

CoVid19 has already circled the globe touching down almost everywhere with its sneaky, deadly, pathogen load.

The virus infection presents itself only after two to twelve days remaining undetected in its human victim afterwards  seeming only a cold then morphing into flu-like symptoms finally transforming into lethal viral pneumonia requiring artificial help of a ventilator and IV.

This oriental visitor surprises many because after silent infection, there appear no symptoms present to warn of what’s in store for its victim, who if older and/or with any existent health problems can perish.

For about three months our governments and their health authorities have sat on their brains waiting in the sidelines meanwhile, taking in the rapidly evolving news, tragic news, regarding China’ continuing, what seemed overwhelming struggle with CoVid19.

They did nothing to prepare against the impending existential threat, business-as-usual reigned.

Today, they are trapped in the corona-virus vortex trying to somehow extricate their populace from getting totally swallowed up meanwhile, also seeing their global economy with its stock-markets collapse because of panic.

As citizens we normally expect that our elected leaders to be intelligent, sociable, observant, quick-witted, always ready, and decisive, somehow our whole collection of clowns  failed the grade.

Only one leader  China’s Xi Jinping seems to have risen above the rest acting responsibly .

China’s aggressive, although late, draconian, response to this new, unknown, enemy gave our world a few weeks chance to  prepare for war with CoVid19(China Origin Virus Infectious Disease 19) yet nobody took notice.

This morning I witnessed panic, it came from the political jokes crowd, who normally criticize our politicians, Donald Trump being their favorite, I heard  a bunch of  what I call tasteless,”graveyard” or morbid type, humour.

Their humour was not even remotely funny instead, basically sick stuff, something only the deranged or very stressed out individuals would contrive believing in their mind it would make their audience  laugh.

Getting back to reality..

“For the first time I could no longer pretend that the disease I had read so much about was in China, or Iran, or Italy. It was here, and spreading. In my city..” – anonymous UK MD (The Guardian)

CoVid19 Nightmare Tour, coming to your neighborhood very soon..HELLO!