CoVid19 Origin Loto

Take your chances folks..
Step right up..Spin the lucky wheel, take your chances folks..

In January 2020, Communist China finally admitted that they had a serious problem and also provided a seemingly plausible, responsible, animal or animals, launching our CoVid19 origin loto.

Allegedly, a group of prominent world public health scientists have been very busy since, attempting to stem the avalanche of disinformation, primarily on the Internet, suggesting that CoVid19 is a Chinese bio-lab project or experiment gone wrong.

Apparently, these prominent officials “strongly condemn” all suggestions of the virus being made in a laboratory claiming that the Chinese have been very up front with rapid, open, and sharing of their data on their outbreak.

Our group has published it all in the famous “Lancet” medical journal, one of my first thoughts when I was reading the article was who are these outstanding people?

Browsing further on the Internet, I finally found one name – Peter Daszak, president of an outfit called EcoHealth Alliance that by-the-way, it just happens to be funded by Soros Foundation.

According to Peter, he and his firm has collaborated with Wuhan institute researchers studying bat corona-viruses apparently, these creatures are loaded with corona-viruses yet are near immune.

I found out that back in 2013 during the SARS epidemic Peter Dasak and his Chinese hosts happened upon a corona-virus that was about 97% similar to CoVid19 however, this sample taken from Horseshoe bats was ignored because it didn’t match the SARS one they were looking for.

One of the alleged animal culprits mentioned by our controlled media and derived from the Chinese state media was the Bat, information about which one, was not mentioned however, later we found out that Pangolins were somehow tied in.

Many of us probably never heard of these interesting animals until they were in the proverbial lineup of perps introduced by our controlled mass media however, they were guilty by their probable association with that famous Wuhan “wet” meat-market.

Doing a bit more reading and checking I found that Pangolins are smuggled into China from neighboring Mongolia for their meat and those they are not native to China..right!

Nope, these poor creatures once lived in China however, the Chinese enjoyed eating them so much they were wiped out or at least now exist only in remote, inaccessible, areas of China.

Therefore, I would guess that this either eliminates the Pangolins as a CoVid19 source or there would probably be an outbreak of the disease in Mongolia  even before China had one.

Bringing us back to Bats or is it Snakes, our controlled media newest suggested culprit heck, there’s a lot  of them and they do taste like chicken according to those eating some however,  which Snake is it?

Since the Chinese are known to import from all over the place, the question would be – is it domestic (China) or a foreign type then again, maybe it’s all snakes hmmm?

Which brings us back to those evil conspirators and their theories, who suggested that the Wuhan category 4 bio-lab seems about right heck, even a ranking US senator suggested this.

U.S. Senator Tom Cotton (R–AR) noted that lab was only a few miles away from the famous seafood or is it… a “wet” meat market, where it is alleged it all began.

Since he didn’t have direct proof or evidence, representative Cotton,  mentioned that because of Chinese duplicity and dishonesty from the beginning it’s entirely possible noting Beijing’s first reaction to US government and World Health Organization (WHO) help was to turn it down.

We also now know that the whole outbreak business began in very early December, 2019, yet China suppressed any news of it until January, 2020 allowing the virus to escape past its borders during the famous Year of Rat New Year festivities.

Chinese president Xi Jinping however, later on readily accepted funds from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation part of the $100 millions for new treatments and diagnostics research and development to fight CoVid19 pledged to the WHO.

Interesting, this is the same Bill Gates recorded as fearing that the world population might run of food resources unless it (human population) is trimmed down some way soon..hmmm.

Multi-billionaire Gates seems a close, personal, friend of Chinese dictator Xi Jinping judging from mass-media video clips of their appearances together in China, USA, and at various “world leaders” events in places like Geneva, Paris, etc.

So everyone, which one is it?..Step right up..Spin the lucky wheel, take your chances folks..