Money Or Mastercard Can’t Buy..

Some things you can't buy
There are some things your money or Mastercard can’t buy.

“There are some things your money or Mastercard can’t buy. For the expected, unexpected, or CoVid19, deal with it, because your life matters. Your life is priceless!”

Increasingly nervous global stock market investors pressed the panic button following a couple of weeks of gains as the apparent signs the virus was morphing into a world pandemic.

Everyone fears this is going to impact negatively on the global economy.

This economic uncertainty gripping the markets, has coerced credit card giant, Mastercard, reluctant to admit it will take a hit on their bottom line of between 2% and 3%.

Mastercard however, still believes revenue growth will be between 9% and 10% in the current quarter derived from travel and e-commerce across borders resulting their 2020 net revenue growth allegedly in the low-teens range.

Already, global cases of CoVid19 have surpassed 80,000, China continues to lead the count and there seems no end in sight.

A particular hotspot elsewhere on globe is Iran where they have 95 confirmed cases including the country’s health minister, Iraj Harirchi, and at least 15 dead although actual numbers are only a guess, some experts claim victims are in hundreds and spreading.

More people are dead in Iran from CoVid19 than anywhere else outside China.

Japanese media report a fourth dead passenger on the quarantined Diamond Princess cruise liner. Japan now confirms more than 850 people are infected in the country, most of them segregated on the quarantined liner.

In Europe, Italy has nearly 300 confirmed cases seven dead in recent days, making it the worst affected on the continent surpassing other neighboring countries.

Meanwhile, the WHO continues to dodge the bullet maintaining that there is still no world pandemic despite CoVid19 popping up up all over the place uncontrollable like the Australian brush fires in some.

It seems at this point that a lot of places are being caught with their pants down and no real concrete plans to deal with their outbreaks should CoVid19(China Origin Virus Infectious Disease 19) show up unexpectedly.

Among the adequately unprepared is surprise, surprise, good ole USA which now hurriedly is trying to pass a Congressional bill for a mere $$$US 2.5 billions to stem the impending virus onslaught.

latest news has it that most of their available virus test kits are faulty and there never was enough of them, scary ain’t it?

Stay tuned folks, this will be a rough ride..