Design Show CoVid19 Goes On..

Fashion design show on
Milan, Italy Armani fashion design show goes on despite CoVid19

Giorgio Armani himself emerged bowing after his 16-minute presentation to an online audience proving that the Milan Fashion Design Show CoVid19 goes on no matter what.

Models strolled down the runway as usual only in an empty theater because Giorgio wanted to support national efforts to contain the expanding viral epidemic now with a total of over 220 confirmed cases.

Italy has imposed sweeping measures as infections have soared, including the ban in Milan on public events like its Fashion Week from February 18 that ends today, the 24th.

The CoVid19 Corona-virus restrictions imposed in Northern Italy will affect over 100,000 people according to their Civil Protection Agency meanwhile, health authorities scramble to find the elusive “patient zero“.

The extremely contagious pathogen is responsible for more than 54 cases popping up near Milan scaring the heck out of the fashion world’s designers slated to exhibit in the city.

The annual flurry of world fashion shows that normally happen during this period and are being systematically cancelled seeming like dominoes falling one after the other in the wake of CoVid19.

This season compared to others is distinguished by warm, cozy, revealing cocoon type knits featuring over-sized stitching to emphasize artisan quality while the complimentary headware shows sensible caution during this time.

The headware is very adjustable to wearer head proportions meanwhile, providing excellent visibility, extreme comfort, and lightweight, hi-impact, protection while blending in with this year’s knits.

Additionally, our outfits come with very fashionable, light green, gloves which like our headwear provide excellent protection against harmful pathogens and such.

Bucking what is going with viruses, the Paris Fashion Week starts today to be followed by Seoul and Tokyo Fashion Weeks scheduled to begin on March 16.

As of this writing, these shows are now at peril because it is anticipated the WHO will finally declare China Origin Virus Infectious Disease 19 as a world pandemic!

So stay tuned..