CoVid19 Infects Xi

CoVid19 Infects Chinese leader
Infecting over 1700 medical staff already odds are  that CoVid19 infects Xi Jinping.

The 21st century’s new plague has already infected over 1700 medical staff including management increasing the odds that CoVid19 infects Xi Jinping, only time will tell.

The Chinese leader’s very recent “goodwill” visit to Wuhan meeting with some front line medical staff and wearing only a regular face mask similar to their own put him at higher risk.

Public criticism of several Party elites’ earlier visits garbed in superior type masks wear probably forced Xi to do it trying to show that as fearless leader he understands equality for all.

Since very little is still known about CoVid19’s real incubation period and method of spreading everyone is at risk and not know they are infected until later, for some much later.

Meanwhile, a report by Associated Press says that government inspectors in bio-hazard suits are going door to door in Wuhan trying to find every last infected person.

Incidentally, yesterday, Wednesday, marked China’s final day of their campaign to find last holdouts with virus symptoms.

This campaign may not work however, since some maybe infected with virus hidden still, it depends when they were exposed to pathogen.

“This must be taken seriously,” said Wang Zhonglin, Xi’s newly installed tough, Communist Party secretary for Wuhan city.

Notorious for being very thorough Zhonglin further added that even a single new case was unacceptable after Wednesday, and that district leaders would be held responsible.

Wang Zhonglin was more determined than ever to stamp this “devil virus” now that his boss Xi may have been possibly exposed to it inadvertently.

After almost two months when the whole epidemic started Xi was criticized by many Chinese, even some in the Chinese Communist Party hierarchy, for not being visible enough and this may be the main reason for his visit.

CoVid19(China Origin Virus Infectious Disease 19) is a very contagious, unknown, pathogen still being intensely studied how curb it from being the world’s worst pandemic.

It is ironic that almost a month after ordering “resolute efforts” to curb the spread of the corona-virus, President Xi Jinping has ended up being potentially one of its casualties.

Since Xi’s first public remarks in Beijing, on CoVid19 on January 20, 2020 China was swiftly placed under draconian epidemic control measures, a complete lock-down was put into effect.

Meanwhile, despite the extraordinary clampdown CoVid19 is an epidemic infecting more than 75,000 and has killed more than 2,000, mostly in China alone, some experts predicting a global pandemic with a potential to kill hundreds of millions.

Wuhan city in Hubei province and the corona-virus epicenter has over 50,000 confirmed cases seemingly with no end in sight yet.