Bear Facts On Cruise CoVid19

Bear shares his CoVid19 cruise story
Being a (teddy)bear hardship is acceptable to tough it stuck aboard ship.

Hello, my name is Brown Bear, sharing facts on “lifetime” cruise where CoVid19 changed everything.

Presently, my main concern is verified news that report laboratory tests are incorrectly telling people they are free of the coronavirus yet they really are not.

There are reports that in several countries it is taking six negative test results before finally being diagnosed as positive, infected with this deadly pathogen.

On board our lovely ship, the Diamond Princess, now quarantined off Yokahama with 3,700 people I am anxiously looking forward for our ordeal to end quickly.

Each day more quarantined passengers have come down with the new deadly corona virus and been evacuated to onshore specialized hospitals for treatment.

Our ship is like the UN, with people from 56 countries composed of 2,700 passengers and 1,000 crew.

You ask what is life on board now?

It certainly isn’t as advertised, where some steward prepared everything for us finishing off by leaving a chocolate on our pillow instead we are required to tough it out and keep it clean and hygienic ourselves.

Fortunately, being a bear, this is acceptable however, some are having it hard because they seldom did any hard physical work before, it was always done for them.

Additionally, each day we are required to monitor our temperatures regularly checking for any spike when, we must immediately contact on board medical services.

Nobody is allowed to congregate in groups, each must stay a metre away from others when allowed on the open deck for exercise and fresh air.

Masks are mandatory always except when alone in your cabin however, it must be on when you get that knock on the door.

Everyone is tested and we wait anxious for our results heck, that knock on the door may mean news you’re infected instead of just being your daily food delivery, it’s very scary!

Thankfully, our eats are very good compared to the stuff during first few days phew!

Meanwhile, our cruise company is now providing satellite TV, films, newspapers, room service, free phone calls, and internet to all passengers.

Heard news that American televangelist Jim Bakker is selling stuff that kills CoVid19 and we can have it for a mere $300 heck, we need some of that miracle cure soon, someone should check it out.

Then again, they say 1,700 Chinese health workers are already infected by this deadly virus.

Their doctors claim that there is no effective medicine, not to hold out hope because only fate will decide if you survive after being infected.

News is that the Chinese are really clamping down adding more control and surveillance to what has been “normal”, everything is locked down, neighborhood committee patrols visiting every house, drones flying overhead, random systematic checks on streets.

Also many dead bodies litter streets and are quickly picked up for disposal.

Internet, cellphone communications are monitored for “rumor spreaders” ie., anyone who questions authorities in anyway is detained and “disappears” like into ether.

Meanwhile, international trolls and certain countries employing them, as well as controlled media are indeed busy spreading lies and fake news about CoVid19(China Origin Virus Infectious Disease 19).

Russian state Channel One’s main political talk show Vremya Pokazhet(Time will tell) has claimed that it is a CIA laboratory in Georgia that created CoVid19 as a “ethnic bio-weapon“.

Their “proof” is that Donald Trump’s administration’s desire to weaken China’s economy which poses a serious treat to USA.

The Chinese have become much too powerful rising quickly almost overtaking the American number one world economic status and had to be put down somehow.

Sounds logical heck, many of our well-known “celebrities” are secretly connected with the CIA and its clandescent world plans heck, even Bill Gates is on video record mentioning numerous times the need to limit world population hmm.

The Rooskies meanwhile, are taking no chances because their Kremlin has introduced temperature checks for those that are meeting with fearless leader, Vladimir Putin, his spokesman Dmitry Peskov calls it a “precautionary measure”..Da!

We can’t take any chances therefore please follow advise from our world health authorities:

  • Wash your hands well with lots of soap and clean, running water. Lather your hands, clean
    between fingers, under nails, back of hands scrub for minimum 20 seconds the rinse. Do often.
  • If you cough or sneeze, cover mouth and nose with tissue then dispose safely in proper bin. Cough or sneeze into your elbow rather than hands if without tissues.
  • Wear face mask, which may help block liquid droplets however, remember small, tiny particles can penetrate mask material. Also wear appropriate safety glasses because virus can infect through eyes if CoVid19 particles settle on them.
  • Avoid touching surfaces or handling suspect things viruses are easily spread this way when people touch their nose or eyes later.
  • Seek immediate medical help when with fever, dry cough, and difficult breathing, provide details of your travel history and contacts to assist in fight.

Remember, what Smokey(the Bear) used to say in American fire prevention ads “Only you can prevent..(CoVid19 from spreading)!”