And There’s An App For That…

There's an app for that too
And there’s an app for CoVid19 too.

Today, our controlled mass media has stories about China’s new weapon for CoVid19 by cellphone..and there’s an app for that!

Moreover, there is news how the infection rate has dropped over a couple days allegedly Chinese draconian measures is working to stop the spread they fail however, to mention that they have changed their accounting method regarding who qualified to be counted as infected.

Many who are infected yet not showing they are about to die are taken off the official tally.

After the breakup of the USSR details of Scientific Research Institute No 2 also once known as Laboratory 1, Laboratory 12, and Kamera, their secret operations leaked out.

What happens there today is secret, no up-to-date information exists about the lab’s current function however, several recent assassinations of former KGB/GRU personnel abroad point to work similar to that in Soviet times.

Situated on the outskirts of Moscow near the Kremlin, the squat, beige building is framed by a few scrawny trees yet it along with several laboratories nearby are responsible for clandestine biological and toxin research for war that the Kremlin seems to be preparing for.

Since Soviet times China has remained an ally and has been shared weaponry produced in Russia most of it conventional like guns, field artillery, tanks, combat aircraft much that the Chinese have copied under licence and even modified.

There has also been a sharing of scientific research including atomic, biological, medical, and toxicological however, probably not the “special” stuff for obvious reasons.

China on the other hand has also done certain clandestine projects known only to their “fearless leader”, connected ruling elite, and some members of the Party cadre.

Since US president Nixon’s visit and those of many other world western leaders along with the collapse of the Soviet Union, China has done really well for itself becoming the world’s factory for consumer goods.

Early December 2019, in Wuhan, a city of 11 million, and China’s industrial production center, where most of the world’s consumer goods originate something went terribly wrong.

The Communists finally admitted a corona virus was raging in the vast country of 1.65 billion after thousands of its citizens many already infected, yet without any symptoms, had traveled all over the globe to celebrate the year of the “lucky” rat.

Immediately, our global ministry of truth, mass media, WHO, and Chinese authorities began disseminating the story that raw exotic flesh derived from a wet meat market was the source of this infection.

Diseased, raw, dead, bat flesh bought and eaten by some poor hungry Chinese somehow triggered this pandemic is still the story pushed today yet they still have not found and provided proof of the real source of the virus.

Judging by how the Chinese authorities have acted and the enormous financial losses that have cost them since their original suppression of the story it seems they are relying on the old Stalinist method, tell a big lie and repeat it until it becomes accepted as the authentic truth.

Communism has a infamous history of suppressing the truth, holding back vital information even if millions die, a recent example will remain for over a thousand years,  it is last Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev‘s Chornobyl atomic power station disaster.

For several days inhabitants living near the station and for hundreds of kilometers away were denied knowledge that a radio-active accident happened exposing them to huge amounts of radiation.

Only when Swedish scientists picked up traces of the radioactive plume now circling the globe and told the world did Moscow act and finally acknowledge the disaster.

Chornobyl however, was an atomic “accident” resulting from a reactor design flaw and an idiotic experiment by incompetents pushing luck to the limit there is however, also an excellent example related to our new CoVid19.

It happened on April 2, 1979 in Compound 19 a top-secret lab, near the city of Sverdlovsk, when artificially modified anthrax bacteria escaped because specialized air filters being replaced were not properly installed resulting in a minimum of 66 people some reports saying 105 dying.

Similarly, today China suppresses the real truth however, as Jesus Christ once said “For nothing is hidden that will not be made manifest, nor is anything secret that will not be known and come to light“, in time their lying will be exposed.

Because word leaked out about an outbreak of the deadly pathogen killing people, the Kremlin blamed tainted meat sold on the black market.

A Harvard University investigation in 1994 finally showed that it was a plume of anthrax spores released from Compound 19.

Probably, the most logical answer to CoVid19, is that an accident happened at their category 4 biolab situated a short distance from that famous wet meat market and that fearless leader Xi’s Chinese Communist government have tried to suppress this vital information.

The virulent pathogen somehow escaped perhaps, like its predecessor the SARS virus, and today we have a global pandemic that seems unrelenting, and unstoppable.

Many more lives will be sacrificed to hide the real facts meanwhile, the Ministry of Truth, Chinese Communist government, and  controlled mass media,  will continue the lying hoping public fear doesn’t result in massive panic and disrupt the gains made installing the Global New World Order!