Dr Frankenstein’s Succession

Re-animated, reprogrammed evil dead
Dr. Frankenstein succession a product of advances in modern technology.

Although Dr. Frankenstein’s monster and the doctor are pure science fiction a real succession to his type of mad, evil work exists today.

Since Mary Shelly wrote Frankenstein certain scientific circles believe that advances in modern technology like genetic engineering, cryogenics, nano-technology, robotics, or development of anti-aging drugs could extend human life indefinitely.

Frankenstein was a primitive experiment in organ and body parts harvesting and recycling meanwhile, attempting to artificially reanimate a body.

Today’s version of this has led to financially lucrative, illegal, organ harvesting from the aborted unborn now competing with another source, the ill informed, intensely pressured, Euthanasia victims.

Many of the latter victims, despite their suffering do not want doctor assisted suicide aka legal murder, which is done more often than not just to save the state money they would normally spend on more humane palliative care for these same patients.

As for the unborn, they are legally deprived of their human rights instead, classified “only fetuses” allowing certain connected doctors and their bio-pharma industry buddies to make huge profits while publicly hypocritically crowing how their stem-cell research benefits us all ie., saving lives!

Our increasingly “secular” society is the result of a mass hijacking by Godless, monied, international, secret society types that control corrupt politicians to pass laws to transform former religious primarily Christian countries.

Their diabolic plan ensures a diluted society where God does not exist providing the fodder for trans-humanist experiments to create artificial beings.

Hollywood has always been their official propaganda factory and frequently has exposed exactly what they desire for our future, some excellent examples are movies like “Blade Runner” and “Terminator”.

Both depict humanoid characters developed by advanced electronic, metallurgic, bio-medical, and robot technology engaged in supplanting and/or liquidating Earth’s human population with sophisticated, superior, artificial intelligence driven beings.

We must note that both movies depict events happening after a nuclear holocaust has wiped out most of humanity.

There is no question that our secret society globalist cabal are fervently concerned with population control numbers heck, some of their well known “celebrities” have said so numerous times in their controlled mass media.

This bunch never sleeps working hard to resolve this “terrible” problem of just too many people.

They hate other humans’ competition for Earth’s scarce resources and believe eliminating the competition would make things much easier for themselves.

Oh, in case you thought I missed it, our enlightened friends also desire long lives to enjoy amassing even more wealth, their only real motivation in their lives therefore, trans-humanism is such a wonderful idea with so many possibilities.

Some obvious benefits of trans-humanism, according to our enlightened ones, are augmented intelligence, “eternal” life, and superhuman strength.

Trans-humanism allows for mind uploading, bionic implants and augmentations, and powered exoskeletons to which splicing our heads is quick and easy when normal aging and disease robs us of our normal functions.

Virus nCoV2019, SARS, MERS, etc., will not matter because human bodies are not required only our mind intelligence, which can be integrated and housed in whatever form desired heck, it gives virtual immortality!

Advanced future technology will also allow advanced cloning using DNA extracted from very old bio-matter , moreover, cryogenically stored dead, will be re-animated and re-programmed back to “normal” life.

An example of this is depicted in our featured image..scary ehh!