Apocalypse’s Fourth Horseman Death

 Death rides a pale-white horse
Apocalypse’s Fourth Horseman named Death rides a pale-white horse to war.

Apocalypse’s Fourth Horseman named Death rides a pale-white horse to war.

The other members of team are called Famine, War, and Conquest, these riders are unleashed by the Lamb of God, Jesus Christ, opening the first of seven sacred seals.

The first rider on a white horse is interpreted to symbolize Christ, second riding a red horse symbolizes bloodshed and war, he is followed by the third horseman on a black horse symbolizing famine, the fourth and last, riding that pale-white horse, is symbolic of pestilence and death.

The Apocalypse is mentioned in the New Testament, the book about Jesus Christ and records God’s new covenant with His people.

It is the last book in the New Testament, its teachings concerns the Kingdom of God with Christ, our Lord, achieving final eternal victory over evil.

The message is conveyed by incorporating visions,images and symbols to help facilitate understanding for ordinary people living over 2000 years ago interestingly, it now seems difficult to understand for some in our advanced technological age.

We are now in February, 2020, and yet based on what is presently happening, in less than two months into the new year, it seems almost reflective of terrible events described in the Apocalypse.

Contagious, deadly, virus nCoV2019 seems unstoppable, mutating, and spreading in China extending its reach internationally daily, a locust plague devours large swaths of Africa, drones perform political assassinations, a civil aircraft with 176 aboard is shot down over Iran.

In Germany, Chechen political opposition dissidents assassinated, there are more opioid epidemic deaths in Canada and USA.

Human trafficking, child sex exploitation, increasing, intense, secret, automated, 5G, AI mass surveillance of citizens.

Amazon rain forest and Australia continue to burn uncontrollably with no end in sight.

More Godless abortions, transgender, trans-humanism, cloning experimentation continues to happen unabated.

Fake false prophets cause deaths amongst the uneducated ignorant, fake news, etc..

There is also continued mass dumbing down of civilized western society through school systems including higher education in universities, critical thinking is negated, discouraged, and eliminated.

An International global cabal controls mass media that carefully feeds doctored, blatant lies, half-truths, innuendos, obfuscations 24/7/365 meanwhile, their controlled Internet engages in illegal personal data collection to be sold to advertisers, government, or whomever to massively boost their profits, and the world billionaire club pares down a touch..does the number 666 seem familiar ?

This same international global cabal also controls all world finance, political, military, and police power, all banks and governments whatever the flavor, “democratic” , dictatorships, or “communist” are theirs.

World politics is just an “interesting” soap opera paid for and controlled by this monied, globalist mafia, it mirrors much of popular American TV “sagas” like for example: “Days of Our Lives”, “The Young and the Restless”, “As the Stomach Turns” etc..

A lie is today’s truth while the authentic truth is a lie something their Ministry of Truth hates and forbids, worthy of their death penalty yet this is our new future, a surveillance society, exactly what the late great George Orwell predicted and wrote about in his “1984”.

The “cold war” of the 1950’s and 60’s has been revived and nuclear war reprimed, thermo-nuclear mega-death war materiel production restored making unimaginable death and destruction a reality again, this is fully acceptable by our new masters in achieving their desired world population control numbers.

Meanwhile, returning to the present, the following is a heart-breaking story from the BBC website dated 4/02/2020:

“There’s no help here..” (Wuhan, China, population 11 million)

Wang, a 33-year-old housewife, and her family have remained in the city since it was sealed off on 23 January.

“What I want to say is, if I knew they were going to lock down the city on 23 January, I would have definitely taken my whole family out!”

“Resources are limited (despite two new quickly fabricated hospitals etc.) yet the infected population is huge. We are afraid, we don’t know what will happen next.

My uncle actually died in one of the quarantine points because there are no medical facilities for people with severe symptoms. I really hope my father can get some proper treatment but no-one is in contact with us or helping us at the moment.

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, my uncle has already passed away, my father is critically ill and my mum and aunt have started showing some symptoms.

The CT scans shows their lungs are infected. My brother is coughing too, and has some breathing difficulties.

My dad has a high fever. His temperature was 39.3C (102F) yesterday and he is constantly coughing and having breathing difficulties. We got him an oxygen machine at home and he relies on that machine twenty-four seven.”

The New Testament describes humanity’s “end days” and judging by what is happening now it seems we are there already, so be prepared, what follows is going to be  sudden and brutal!