nCoV2019 Dead On Street

nCoV2019 dead on Wuhan street
Wuhan dead littering its vacant streets are a testament of lethal virus nCoV2019 rapid spread.

February 1, 2020 is here and nCoV2019 continues its rapid, sustained, spread globally since early December 2019 meanwhile, leaving multitudes in its wake dead on the street in Wuhan, China.

Despite a massive, unprecedented, reaction from the Chinese Communist regime to stem this contagion it has all come too late because the annual Chinese New Year just happen to get in the way as the annual global migration was already under way.

Thousands of excited Chinese nationals boarded flights out to visit their family and friends almost everywhere on the globe anticipating only joy and happiness as they were to celebrate the “lucky” year of the rat.

Fast forwarding to today, in Wuhan, most everyone that never left is living in fear shuttered up at home wearing cheap surgical masks (or any mask type they can get their hands on) and plastic goggles.

Outside their homes special teams roam around collecting increasing numbers of fallen dead, all apparently wearing required masks, littering the now empty streets.

As the world watches in dread they meanwhile, are closing their own borders to air flights to or from China, while the controlled world media continues to disseminate our daily news approved by the Ministry of Truth.

There is however, competition to the “real” truth appearing on “social(ist) media” called “fake” news.

An example of this is an audio of an alleged Italian stumbling on information he claims, about a secret Chinese government laboratory in Wuhan, where nCoV2019 was artificially created that somehow escaped out.

In reality, Wuhan actually has a number of world class category 4 bio labs incidentally, at least one located near that market where it all started.

Fear is mounting worldwide as more cases are surfacing prompting host countries to react swiftly and sometimes ruthlessly abridging citizen’s normal civil rights.

Ugly racism has also appeared and Chinese-looking Asians have been discriminated against by residents fearful of being infected by the deadly virus.

Ignorance has unearthing latent mistrust of all different-looking strangers creating an atmosphere of hate that could lead to bloodshed.

nCoV2019 has also helped dispel perhaps, finally, that fable about Communism being a socialist nirvana, where allegedly everyone is equal and everything is equally shared.

The Wuhan dead littering its vacant streets are a testament that the suffering poor, yes most of the dead were poor, and the benevolent Chinese government failed to treat them after they were infected.

Many continue to be turned away at the hospitals and other medical facilities however, if they were connected Party members treatment would most likely be available.

Food is also getting to be in short supply to the average ordinary Chinese however, this is not a problem for the Party connected and/or the rich, who incidentally are connected with the Party.

Despite China’s massive billion three or four population, it does have the world’s largest most modern social health safety net yet the poor remain expendable.

The late great George Orwell predicted much of what has happened and is going on and said this about socialism/Communism in his “Animal Farm“:”everybody is equal however, some are more equal than others!

What we have seen so far is just the proverbial “tip of the iceberg” because nCoV2019 is now a global threat especially in affected or about to be affected poorer, less affluent, “third world” countries in Asia and Africa.

India for example, is a nuclear power and has recently attempted a presence on our moon yet its huge population lacks an adequate social health network instead, everything is old, dilapidated and crumbling.

Things are so bad that the country remains a real time-bomb, fertile ground for nCoV2019 to really spread and perhaps mutate into our next 1917 Spanish Flu killing millions!

Our Chinese friends’ busy work building their new version “Silk Road” across Asia, Europe, and into Africa to expand their influence, in conjunction with help from our awesome international global air-travel system provides nCoV2019’s final “winning condition” to global pandemic infamy!