nCoV2019 Contamination Terror

nCoV2019 virus contamination terror
Virus nCoV2019 surpasses 2003 SARS virus pandemic infection toll.

As this is being written the USA reports first person-to-person transmission helping to spike the nCoV2019 virus contamination sense of terror evolving across the globe.

According to the US Centers for Disease Control the new victim is the 60-year-old spouse of Chicago woman recently back from traveling to Wuhan, China.

Both people remain in local hospital isolated and are in stable condition meanwhile, the country has to contend with another 165 known possibles which are now being monitored.

As usual, authorities assure the American public that “immediate risk remains low” similarly, the esteemed World Health Organization praises China for fine work responding to this deadly virus, and warning us that “whole world needs to be on alert!”

Despite the numbers of infected massively spiking over the last week the WHO continued to downplay the situation severity meanwhile, refraining from classing this outbreak a worldwide pandemic.

WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus claims numbers outside of China are “relatively small” however, because of a person-to-person transmission risk means that the “potential remains for a much larger outbreak!”

Today in Geneva Dr Tedros WHO chief spoke to gathered world media, describing nCoV2019 virus as an
“unprecedented outbreak” that has been met with an “unprecedented response”. later praising the Chinese regime for their massive response to containing this outbreak.

This virus according to statistics now has infected many more lives than SARS did in 2003 however, the death toll so far remains far lower.

According to the Ministry of Truth latest figures on the virus: Globally: 7,818 confirmed cases.
China has 7,736 with 1,370 cases classed as severe, 12,167 suspected cases, and 170 deaths. Outside of China, 18 countries have a total of 82 confirmed cases.

Meanwhile, in the USA, the FBI has arrested a Harvard professor along with two Chinese nationals, one working as a researcher, the other as a posing as a student, both individuals involved in biological research in Boston University.

Apparently, Harvard department chair Charles Lieber is accused of lying about his connections with China in setting up the WUhan University of Technology research lab and accepting millions of dollars.

Meanwhile, his Lieber Research Group at Harvard University, received grants of more than $15m from the US National Institute of Health and the US Department of Defence for his regular work.

The two Chinese meanwhile, lied to investigators about being foreign agents involved with acquiring technology that included advanced robotics and biological research info and samples useful for perhaps, future warfare. The researcher suspect was arrested at airport by FBI with a load of biological vials in his suitcase.

Interesting story because we still do not have the answer to from where the new nCoV2019 virus originated, was it an escapee from one of the alleged two world class bio labs located in Wuhan hmmm???

Nah, folk there is nothing to see here, heck, it’s just because somebody ate a meal made from that infected animal perhaps, a bat and..move along!