5G Devil In The Details

5G Devil
Most people remain in dark about 5G devil in the details.

5G microwave technology began wide deployment in 2019 yet most people remain in dark  because of the devil in the details.

It is fifth generation wireless technology for digital cellular networks introduced because allegedly it may improve our day to day lives.

5G millimeter wave is amazingly fast actual speeds often being 1–2 Gb/s down while frequencies vary from 24 GHz up to 72 GHz however, reach is short therefore, more “cells” are required.

Similar in operation to its 4G predecessor, 5G covers regions called “cells”, these areas are serviced by individual ‘small cell” antennas.

5G supports up to a million devices per square kilometer, while 4G supports a mere 100,000 devices for same area.

This new technology is supposed to connect some of the estimated 50 billion connected IoT devices, everything from personal computers, emergency response drones, cars, various air and water monitoring sensors for “smart” cities, medical devices for remote emergency work, cellular phones, etc.

Despite the wireless industry hype many people have concern about 5G’s potential health hazards specifically its use of dangerous higher energy millimeter-wave ionizing radiation, which causes human body cell molecular bond damage.

5G wireless technology promises a world of total connectivity however, it is compromised being especially susceptible to cyber attacks and surveillance by those using sophisticated devices called Stingers or “IMSI catchers” for example.

These devices can become the “man in the middle” allowing for all types of cyber mayhem to the systems.

Another concern is over Chinese involvement, Huawei, in 5G wireless networks fears of potential Chinese government espionage through equipment infrastructure sold to foreign users.

Countries comprising the so-called “5-Eyes Network” including USA, Britain, Australia, Canada, New Zealand are restricting/eliminating use of the suspect Chinese equipment despite its cheap price.

Although Huawei allegedly leads the pack regarding 5G quality product they are engaged in dumping quantity in order to flood market undercutting their competition and gaining a monopoly. Once they gain control then they will raise the price as much as they want when the equipment is ready for upgrade later.

Huawei loyally reports to the communist Chinese regime and does what is told moreover, its CEO is Chinese military cadre engaged in arming China with the latest war armament including espionage capabilities his company can produce making Huawei 5G a liability for potential world customers.

Just as western companies like for example, Microsoft, and its operating systems were created with “backdoors” for NSA and law enforcement, there is fear that Huawei has included similar into their software for their 5G systems that the Chinese communist regime can exploit.

Another problem 5G has is its limitations, to being used primarily in high density areas like cities, where it is possible to concentrate the cell towers because millimeter waves’ shorter range.

Compared to 4G  its millimeter microwaves limits it using smaller size “cell” antennas moreover, these waves have trouble passing through building walls, foliage etc.

As you can see 5G is really still not ready to be implemented although those that want it in place are working tirelessly to install it, they want to create probably the most important component for the “New World Order” the late US president George H. Bush mentioned in his famous speech.

This new wireless configuration follows that other recent famous installation, the “smart” electric grid costing $$$billions to taxpayers.

The new electrical grid allowed a tie in of IoT meanwhile, replacing an old yet still perfectly good, efficient, long-lasting, analog electrical system already paid for whose components were cheap to buy in comparison.