This Just in…

This Just in…only some of the vast collection of news events that have transpired in Canada under Justin Trudeau since 2015.


This Just in…another controlled media story discussed by talking heads carefully mouthing metered, fake, news about bogus actors and events totally based on a skillfully composed collection of obfuscations, blatant lies, and innuendos.

Each morning huge server computer farms churn out our daily dose of allegedly “real” news assembled from across our globe destined for the remaining, dwindling, still literate, masses gullible enough to believe this flawed information.

Half a century ago during the so called “cold war” we were fed stories about how the bad old “Soviets” churned out their PRAVDA (news) about evil capitalism and how lucky soviet citizens were under socialism , we laughed at this.

PRAVDA means “truth” in Russian and we all knew that communists were liars meanwhile, we congratulated ourselves for our “free press” believing that we actually lived in the authentic world, where our information sources provided only verifiable, real, facts.

Like other past empires, the Soviet Union finally disintegrated in the decade before our last millennium and our world rejoiced, this was now going to be a new beginning, a new time, when our Earth was “free”, things were only going to get better.

Fast forward to September 2019 and welcome to the dawn of the New World Order.. hmm seems we heard about that before..oh yeah, George Orwell“s 1984 moreover, US president George Bush Sr. also mentioned it during his term about how it will transform our lives for the better.

Orwell also wrote another book called the Animal Farm, about how “everyone is equal however, some are more equal than others“, and looking at how things have evolved for us since the Soviet “workers’ paradise” collapsed we can see a lot of similarities.

Take for instance Justin Trudeau’s Liberal “goobermint”, that since 2015 has transformed Canada into a debtor state with massive debt to international banks, rampant corruption, wanton unvetted emigration, and blatant lies, a patented, typical “Liberal” paradise.

Where Canada was once Christian and human life was sacred it has been transmogrified into a secular state allowing Abortion, an unabated slaughter of at least three(3) million unborn, potential, Canadian taxpayers, meanwhile, another “legal cull” has started to pick up steam, adults (and soon children) being euthanized many unwillingly.

Mister “Blackface” has been exposed to be a total fraud wantonly, deliberately, forgetting what he promised before being elected in 2015 heck, I guess that explains why he “forgot” about doing blackface/brownface at least three times while being employed as a private school teacher.

Justin Trudeau has instead transformed Canada into a debtor “banana republic” like state meanwhile, allowing a rampant, uncontrolled, mostly unvetted, massive inflow of immigrants.

His first act even before assembling his new government cabinet was attending the famous, elite, Paris Environmental Conference where he gifted $2.25 BILLIONS hard-earned Canadian taxpayers’ money to “save” the world while arriving on a gas-guzzling, polluting, passenger jet as did the rest of this whole corrupt elites gang!

Mister Blackface, a well connected, privileged, son of media-darling, “charismatic” Pierre Eliot Trudeau, himself one of the infamous three “wise men” inserted by Liberal PM Mike Pearson into his teetering, minority Liberal government to transform Canada to new (New World Order) standards, is now finishing the job started by his father.

Until Pierre Trudeau arrived Canada’s debt was tiny and completely manageable, we controlled and printed our money supply however, after Trudeau, we owed hundreds of billions to international banks, who now control our money supply.

Today, our debt is in the $TRILLIONS of dollars requiring unending payments for generations and generations to the international banks enslaving Canadians and requiring massive taxation to manage it all meanwhile, Mister Blackface and family will enjoy a pampered life from his ever growing, continuously fattened, family trust fund.

Perhaps, some redeeming value can be derived by re-electing Justin Trudeau because Canadians will be well entertained with a world famous, exciting continuing soap opera he and his troupe provide interspersed with revelations of more backstabbing, corruption, defections, denials of wrong doing, frauds, ineptitude, money-laundering, uncompleted pipelines, swindles, and scandals etc..

Tune in..coming soon, to your digital, “smart”, remotely controlled, Big Brother monitored, Internet-Of-Things, TV always watching you 24/7/365.

Our featured image depicts only some of the vast collection of colorful news events and situations that have transpired in Canada under Justin Trudeau aka Mister Blackface since 2015.