Montreal Jazz Festival – Superman

Superman flies off during Montreal Jazz Festival 2019
Last Friday, July 5, during the Montreal Jazz Festival 2019 Superman appeared and suddenly flew off.


One of the real exciting things that occasionally occurs is the unexpected, and last Friday during the Montreal Jazz Festival 2019 Superman appeared and suddenly flew off.

It was 5 PM and right on schedule like each other day, the Urban Science Brass Band began their usual warm up jam session where certain members play their musical instruments providing their famous sound.

Meanwhile, other members rap-shout into their megaphones while a few actors run, jump up and down, wave their hands, and entice the audience to clap hands, jump up and down, hoot, and participate in all the excitement to the beat of the contagious music.

Each day different actors do different things while the band provides their unique music, plays for awhile at the first station then slowly roams along the street continues playing until the next stop where more fun and excitement happens, this is repeated a few more times until their final stop.

This day, two actors with Band umbrellas, one an attractive, tall, black woman dressed in a cherry red jump suit, and a shorter fellow dressed in a Superman outfit were busy enticing the audience to “Jump” to the music beat of their brass band.

It was while they were jumping up and down accompanied by some “groupie” type gals in the audience as well others, who also were swaying and clapping their hands that it happened.

Yes, folks Superman apparently got an urgent call to fly off somewhere in the world, where someone was probably in distress.

It was while he was jumping up and down and while still smiling that he simply kept on going up and away into the skies.

By now we all know that Clark Kent is Superman, who normally works as a journalist however, these are interesting times and allegedly Kent was just moonlighting in Montreal with the Urban Science Brass Band during his time off.

There are things that still puzzles me about Kent like his height and build heck, I always thought Superman was much taller and muscular.

I guess it disappoints me that he appeared a lot different in the Hollywood movies or the original comic books, he was neatly shaved and his hair wasn’t greasy curly!