Montreal Jazz Festival – Alex Pangman

Alex Pangman sings Honey Suckle Rose.
Alex Pangman performs legend Fats Waller’s composition “Honey Suckle Rose” at Montreal Jazz Festival 2019

Alex Pangman performs legend Fats Waller’s composition Honey Suckle Rose at Montreal Jazz Festival 2019 while her Alleycats swing band provide the music.

Honey Suckle Rose, original lyrics by Andy Razaf, turned 1929 song evolved into 1934 recording propelling Fats Waller into Grammy Hall of Fame.

A veteran favorite of the Montreal Jazz Festival scene, Alex Pangman continues as Canada’s Sweetheart of Swing with her music based on the “classic era” of Jazz featuring greats like Jelly Roll Morton, Louis Armstrong, Jack Teasgarden, Tommy Dorsey, and others.

According to Pangman, her vocal inspiration stems from such early, great, Jazz vocalists as Connie Boswell, Kay Starr, Mildred Bailey, Julia Lee, Maxine Sullivan, to name a few.

During those early years she claims, these musical legends helped average, ordinary, people to cope while struggling through the rough times of WWI, the Depression, WW2, and its immediate aftermath.

Alex Pangman certainly knows what rough times feel like because this Ontario native is a two double lung transplant survivor, who struggled for many years singing while plagued with her cystic fibrosis genetic disorder, which she was born with.

Despite all this, today, she continues to celebrate life through music of the early 20th century, melodic, comforting, and lyrical.

Pangman, a true survivor, also actively continues her campaign sensitizing her audiences to the importance of organ donation heck, two people’s donations certainly made a difference in her life!