Canada Day 2019

Two members of Wild Mercury perform on Canada Day 2019.

Monday, July 1, Canada Day 2019 was a warm, slightly overcast day that morphed into a night filled with half-hour of awesome, dazzling, fireworks to mark the anniversary of one hundred fifty-two years of Confederation.

Festivities this year began around supper hour with DJ loudly introducing first a funny entertainer for the little ones followed by several bands playing a mix of country and disco-rock type music until the dark arrived with fireworks.

My picture depicts two members of Wild Mercury, an exciting three girl band who belted out a variety of their own wonderful country-rock music songs.

Watching them reminded me of some the great rock n roll bands the way these gals strutted around, swayed back and forth while playing their guitars meanwhile, their drummer bashed away on her skins (drums) heck, these chicks were awesome!

After their gig ended, these gals put away their musical instruments joining another exciting and larger band called Hendryk and the Sandwiches, performing as a sort of vocal backup on stage while swaying sideways, clapping hands, moving back and forth.

Entertainment provided by Hendryk and the Sandwiches was superb, it included the leader alternating between his guitar and harmonica backed up by a band of two other guitars, drummer, a lovely female sax player wearing dark glasses, and the three-girl vocal ensemble.

Sound level seemed to exponentially increase to hearing discomfort with the arrival of the last band, a heavy-duty all glitter disco-rock group.

This band composed of three singers, two females lead by a guy with dark glasses, a keyboardist, two guitar players, and a drummer provided a wonderful act however, I found that unlike with the previous bands the sound was cranked up much too high forcing me to seek shelter to avoid hearing loss.

The anxiously awaited fireworks started at about the prescribed hour, 10 PM, lasting for almost thirty minutes drawing lots of oohs and aahhhs from a crowd of thousands interspersed between ear drum bursting KABOOMs mingled with some whistling of the rockets rising into the heavens before exploding.

As the sounds of chatter, laughter, music, singing, and fireworks quickly fade tune in next year for another episode of..