Fete nationale 2019

Fete nationale du Quebec 2019
Fireworks fill Sunday’s night sky for la Fete nationale du Quebec meanwhile, band performs traditional, lively,  Quebecois music in foreground.


Fireworks filled Sunday’s night sky for la Fete nationale du Quebec  version 2019, French Canada’s secular version of the eve of Saint Jean Baptiste Day.

Ever since Quebec’s so-called Quiet Revolution capped off by with Rene Levesque‘s separatist Parti Quebecois the province’s religious devotion to its patron saint Saint John the Baptist was morphed into la Fete nationale du Quebec, a secular event.

Although the holiday has been around for a very long time, since it was hijacked by those who felt uncomfortable with Quebec’s Catholic history, it has since become another absurd orgy of traditional music mixed with disco-rock, weed, drunkenness, and sex.

Bent on encouraging having a “good time” for it citizens repeated Quebec administrations have provided its municipalities with seemingly increasing funding derived from the very high taxes Quebecers pay to live in this province.

Quebec has probably the highest taxes in North America, and this is fact, mostly due to gross mismanagement,incompetence, or corruption of its succession of governments populated by members of its rich elites, who have done  very well for their family trust funds and offshore havens.

Enough said about Quebec’s ever evolving history, yesterday we came to the lively party going on in Montreal’s West Island, to enjoy about 2 hours worth heck, the festivities started at noon.

On stage a band, depicted in my picture, played typical lively Quebecois music band followed by a disco-rock band, which increased the volume playing heavy-beat songs, hearing-aid favorites.

A short time later local municipal administrators grabbed the estimated 3 thousand strong crowd’s attention to boast about how good things are thanks to their hard work when suddenly the very much anticipated fireworks happened at 10 PM.

This year’s firework display was awesome and also seemed to last longer than usual compliments of perhaps, Quebec’s new CAQ (Coalition d’Avenir du Quebec) government.

Premier Francois Legault, former founder and CEO of Air Transat appears to be tempting voters with their own tax money in putting on great family entertainment during the Fete.

Monsieur Legault and CAQ want voters to remember it well and also it is a way of thanking them for choice during last election.

My photo shows the band performing traditional Quebecois music with the background of Sunday night’s fireworks happening.