Perpetually Good Father

Mission accomplished for perpetually good earthly father.
Saint Joseph was a loving and caring protector-husband for Mary, a perpetually good earthly father for Jesus.


“This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased!” announced the voice of our perpetually, good Father, God, the moment Jesus Christ was baptized by John the Baptist in the river Jordan.

The apostles Luke, Mark, and Matthew witnessed this very important event, each writing their own version in their three gospels however, it is Matthew’s that is used here.

In addition to these apostles there were also many more other witnesses, who saw a real dove (Holy Spirit) descent on Jesus and heard that voice from Heaven.

This happening proved to everyone the unconditional, endless, love of the Father towards Jesus, His Son and the divinity of Christ also the existence of Holy Trinity, the Holy Spirit appearing as the dove.

Jesus Christ was about 30 years old ready to begin his ministry when this all happened there was however, another father figure that mattered very much for Him early on.

Saint Joseph was, according to gospels, a older widower, his first wife was called Salome and they apparently had a very happy life together creating a large family.

Obviously, all his children were adults, probably married off, when Salome died.

The Blessed Virgin Mary was a very young, pregnant, women requiring a husband according to the strict ancient Jewish law otherwise, the Jews would have stoned her for adultery.

Joseph although initially reluctant agreed to marry Mary persuaded by God through angels to be her lawful husband.

He melded a two part marriage system of first betrothal and then registered marriage to ensure his agreement fulfilling God’s prophesies.

Saint Joseph was a kind, very learned, wise, talented, pious man, who first helped saved his Holy Family from harm taking them to Egypt after being warned by an angel that Herod, the local regent, planned to kill Jesus.

Afterwards, Joseph did everything good, any earthly father would do providing a descent home, caring for, loving, and helping baby Jesus grow up to become a competent young man, our Savior.

Joseph was also a loving and caring protector-husband for Mary assisting her in their journey through life bringing up Jesus.

It is not known when Joseph actually died however, both Mary and Jesus were present at his passing, he died having happily and successfully fulfilled his earthly duties.

Saint Joseph is the patron saint of happy death having passed away as a wonderful, loving, earthly guardian-protector for the Son of God.

My picture taken in the lower “Crypt” church of Saint Joseph’s Oratory, depicts Saint Joseph in his death bed with Jesus, Mary, and two angels around him.

Also depicted, just in front of this stained glass picture, is a statue of Saint Brother Andre, who was mostly responsible that this huge church was built.

This Sunday, June 16, 2019 is Father’s Day, wishing all fathers a very happy one!