Cap’n Quebec At Grand Prix

Cap’n Quebec makes an appearance at Montreal’s 2019 Grand Prix.


Cap’n Quebec makes an appearance at Montreal’s 2019 Grand Prix, more specifically, during the weekend.

This Friday afternoon I took in the sights and sounds of Grand Prix without actually visiting the Gilles Villeneuve Race Track, site for Sunday’s event, meanwhile, I spotted the ‘ole Cap’n.

Cap’n Quebec was busy talking with several Montreal police near Concordia University’s Henry Hall Building meanwhile, posing for “action” pictures near his modified souped up golf-cart when I arrived and took a couple pictures.

Our own home-grown action hero has been very busy lately with all the events happening in and around Montreal, Quebec.

Probably his first priority besides action posing near Crescent Street with police buddies is helping local Quebecois in their struggle regarding the dastardly “Bonjour – Hi” greeting runaway epidemic.

Although the city will be overrun by Grand Prix fans from all across our globe spending “tons” of their cash meanwhile, expecting easy communications when getting goods or services, our present CAQ Quebec government expects it be totally in the French language.

Despite almost half a century since a separatist party (PQ) took power and two Canada-exit referendums, a die-hard segment of French Quebec persists with French only.

While Captain America, fabled first Avenger, lead the attack to stop evil Nazis, Hollywood’s favorite obsession, from acquiring and using “weapons of mass destruction” on American cities.

Similarly, Cap’n Quebec helps lead a fight on an alleged encroachment of dreaded English in Quebec particularly in Montreal, its largest city and main economic engine.

Yes, the devious, evil, Anglos have slipped in “Hi” after the customary “Bonjour” Montreal merchants, hotel staff, airport staff, taxis, even average, ordinary, people use when meeting foreign visitors on the street, and this must stop by order of the Central Commi..ooops, just got carried away a bit there heh..heh!

Remember folks whenever, a major crisis happens somewhere in our world people yearn for someone, something, to somehow to help save the day, thank goodness Quebecers have Cap’n Quebec!

Ils savent ce qu’ils font!”..that’s en Francais!