Old Soldiers Fading

Image features some of the old soldiers, who are fading away, taking part in the D- Day celebrations in


Today marks the 75th anniversary of D-Day when thousands of Allied troops stormed beaches in Normandy survivors are old soldiers now just fading away.

As the great American four-star general Douglas MacArthur said to US Congress about a decade after WW2 when forced to retire by president Truman: “old soldiers never die, they just fade away!”

The old soldier knew and could be considered a prophet because each year those who fought in wars of the 20th century keep dying off, fading into history as will many of these still left to commemorate this anniversary.

This anniversary is probably the last for those privileged to be in Normandy to see where they landed 75 years ago under terrible circumstances while witnessing loss of many friends.

Operation Overlord initially cost over 10,000 casualties on the beaches evolving to 425,000 Allied and German troops killed by the time the Battle of Normandy ended.

I could rehash today’s controlled global media stories about our fearless leaders, who traveled to Normandy, France to gather and give wonderful speeches.

Each politician will deliver a carefully prepared awesome speech of praise and admiration designed to induce tears to eyes of old vets and members of their “greatest generation” remembering WW2 heck, some of today’s general public may end up crying too.

Emotions are something that each of us sometimes struggles to control and every politician worth his pay knows how to manipulate this human weakness to get elected to power.

Tomorrow it will be “business as usual” for our trusted world leaders back from their taxpayer all expense funded “emotional journey” junket to meet their global elite buddies yet again.

All day today our controlled media will telecast their apparent “humanity” as they interact with invited old vets and visit Allied graveyards stopping randomly, stooping down near some grave looking so sincerely affected by it all.

My heavily edited image, taken from the Internet, features a smattering of the remaining old soldiers, some who are quickly fading away each day, taking part in the D-Day celebrations in Europe.