About Pride

Today ALPHABET or more precisely, its search engine-browser, GOOGLE’s splash page is about 50 years of gay

Today ALPHABET or more precisely, its search engine-browser, GOOGLE’s splash page is about 50 years of “gay” pride.

June 4th is dedicated to this apparently important celebration the global homosexual and LGBT community and ALPHABET remembers and observes yearly and everyone else is reminded of it.

We are supposed to join in the celebration anxiously awaiting the next gay pride parade coming soon to our neighborhood, where local queers dressed in colorful, outrageous costumes exhibit their famous decadent, immoral, culture.

If we search “Gay Parade” in GOOGLE’s Images we can even find Canada’s present PM Justin Trudeau along with family participating in parades in several major Canadian cities and he is not the only politician seen doing so.

Liberal Trudeau wanted to be elected in 2015 hoping gays would help him do so meanwhile, other party leaders like former NDP’s Tom Mulcair also did and lost out.

As I write this, our controlled global media continues to praise and encourage everybody to be a part of the movement of moral decay  because heck, we are living in new, “enlightened” times where this “pride” is considered good.

They continue to remind us how those poor homosexuals were finally liberated gaining equality and the justice that they long waited for in “the closets”.

Thanks to their “activist” movement now provided with massive financial and political clout they claim to have also “liberated” us from our moral shackles.

Religion, heck, that is ancient stuff, “the opium of the people”, responsible in keeping us all oppressed slaves from doing whatever we desire therefore, who cares about those seven deadly sins named in the Bible.

By-the-way, PRIDE, one of them,  is on the very top of that list therefore, it must mean something for it to lead ENVY, GLUTTONY, LUST, ANGER, GREED, SLOTH, quite a collection!

Our civilized world has certainly evolved since Adam and Eve and the Serpent met in the Garden of Eden hasn’t it heck, that was a long time ago.

Remember when the devil (serpent) promised that eating that forbidden fruit would enlighten them, free them, to do whatever they desire!

Well Mr. Serpent lied.. after all, he is the “father of lies” and here we are on Earth now talking about “gay pride” parades..did I miss something here?

My picture features the Abyss also called Hell, where the alleged enlightened dead go after ignoring the warning about the seven deadly sins  during their lives.