My Body..Our Extinction

“My body…”, is the mind-numbing, idiotic, chant heard and seen on controlled media of “rent-a-crowd demonstrators” performing live for media cameras oblivious of its  potential to our eventual extinction.

“My body…”, is the mind-numbing, idiotic, chant heard and seen on controlled media of
“rent-a-crowd demonstrators” performing live for the media cameras oblivious that probably
over 2 billion abortions worldwide have already occurred since Margaret Sanger’s eugenics plan for our eventual extinction started.

In the United States alone over 70 million unborn have been exterminated since abortion
really became legal (Roe vs Wade), most provided through Planned Parenthood of America.

It is interesting that in 1920, about the same time as Margaret Sanger was busy setting up Planned
Parenthood, the former Communist Soviet Union became first country in the world to legalize

New evidence now slowly seeping out suggests Margaret Sanger, esteemed pioneer founder of
Planned Parenthood, had as her initial objective, to exterminate/limit America’s black population
through eugenics.

Today, this same trend continues seemingly unabated because black Americans remain being
the highest abortion rate and yet many black members of Congress(Democrats) vehemently
support abortion.

It is mind-boggling that the Democrat party remains black America’s favorite choice with a
stunning 92% supporting vote during the last Federal election.

Much has been written, said, and continues to be repeated 24/7/365 about Hitler’s WW2 Holocaust
genocide regarding Jews yet there is scant mention about the greatest Genocide being perpetrated
against all of humanity..abortion.

Lenin-Stalin, Hitler, the Ottomans, Mao-Tse-Tung, Pol Pot, all exterminated in total at least 130 -140 million human beings yet these blood thirsty monsters seem boy-scouts compared to the quiet, methodical, ruthless, Satanic efficiencies of the global abortion machine.

A billion is a number almost impossible to really comprehend it’s a thousand million and as
one mathematician explained that if one billion unborn children were stacked one on top of the
other that human chain would reach far beyond our moon.

Today our controlled media continues to defend abortion and slant its reportage because of
the powerful influence of corrupt politics and the massive amounts of money involved.

Over 2000 years ago Jesus Christ summed it all up about humanity and why it continues to
fail God’s plan for it with this quote: “Though seeing, they do not see; though hearing,
they do not hear or understand!”

That blindness and deafness is reflected in our continued, inexcusable, mindless support for
our “democratic” system of governments led by morally corrupt “leaders” created, installed and
paid for by big money and the international banking cartel.

These puppets lead parties, collections of equally morally deficient, uncaring cadre, to create and
pass legislation beneficial for their puppet masters.

These globalist elites are further aided and abetted by yet another tranche of slime, lawyers and
our allegedly neutral incorruptible courts, that ensure these laws are passed without question.

Relying on systematically dumbed down, docile, population deliberately made so by a crafty,
diabolical combination of doctored education, drugs, war. and controlled media, real democracy simply
doesn’t exist, it has been replaced instead by a type of inane, seemingly realistic holograph of it.

Meanwhile, technology is hastily and methodically being developed, gathered, and continuously
introduced to solidify control over a listless and stunned population, just in case, perhaps, to fulfill the Bible’s”666″ prophecy.

A new born is held in the two hands of the doctor that just helped deliver it meanwhile,
surrounding both are cut and torn remains of some of the unborn, who never had a chance to
experience life!

In Canada since Dr. Morganthaler opened his first human abattoir during “charismatic” Pierre Eliot Trudeau’s Liberal occupation, and when later Conservative Brian Mulroney ceded the most
likely-to-succeed Supreme Court abortion challenge to the abortionist forces, over 2 million
Canadians ended up as unborn dead remains.

Today another Trudeau, Justin, continues that fabled family tradition of unwanted human sacrifice by extending and improving it with the extra addition of doctor assisted euthanasia.

Canadians presently are also experiencing still another maintained, cherished, Trudeau family tradition,the bankrupting of Canada through deficit financing and the wanton, mostly unchecked or vetted thoroughly, alien immigration in order to remain in power.