On Scent

White porcelain hound on scent nosing ladies handbag.
White hound dog seems on scent nosing a fancy ladies handbag in department store window display.

White hound dog seems on scent trying to nose a fancy ladies’ handbag in window display of a popular department store located on western part of busy Saint Catherine street shopping area in downtown Montreal some of which is reflected.

This porcelain hound probably could have made it in ballet dancing if it was a real dog, based on its professional performance pose while smelling the contents of the handbag.

Then again,  a circus act may have been a better career choice, where trying to balance something on the nose is very common.

Compared to the usual human manikin dummies that populate the behind-the-window space of most department stores, I think this particular display certainly shows a bit of creative ability of the store staff, who made this interesting work.