Saint Valentine 2019

White Teddy Bears express their love on Valentine's Day.
Two white Valentine’s Day Teddy Bears expressing their love for each other.


Each February 14th the Western world celebrates “Valentine Day” and commerce has a wonderful time profiting from it because after all it’s the day when lovers are supposed to express their mutual love with gifts.

The chocolate industry are more than happy to oblige with their selections of both dark and milk chocolate goodies some enclosed in fancy boxes and such.  Exciting their clients with the myriad of goodies available in the sweet shops and busy grabbing last-minute expressions of their love for their better halves.

All sorts of expensive gifts are sought prior to this day at jewelry, clothing, flower, and toy shops (Teddy Bears), art galleries and booze outlets (fine wines) by those willing to spend a bit more to impress their significant ones this day. Moreover,  all sorts restaurants also profit by catering to the romantics during this time.

Similar to Christmas, a Christian holy day subverted by commercial interests to boost the “bottom line” in fact making it 80% of their annual sales profit from it , Valentine’s Day has also been converted into a money-making event by simply losing the “Saint” part of the description and emphasizing “romance”.

Saint Valentine, apparently there were two early Christian martyrs/saints although according popular legend, Valentine of Rome, miraculously restored sight to his Roman jailer’s daughter. He wrote her his farewell letter signed “Your Valentine” before execution of his sentence of death in AD 269 on orders of Emperor Claudius II.

Catholic Pope Gelasius proclaimed Christian martyr, Valentine of Rome, a saint in AD 496 on February 14 and it continues to this day.

Happy Saint Valentine’s Day!