Remembrance 100

Some claimed WWI as the war to end all wars yet it continues happening, today is Remembrance Day precisely 100 years later.
November 11, 1918 the human “meat grinder” called WWI ended, today is Remembrance Day 100 precisely one hundred years later.


November 11, 2018 is Remembrance 100 for those of us who care about our war veterans because it was exactly 100 hundred years ago when they signed the Armistice ending world war one.

“Old soldiers never die, they just fade away”, is how the old quote goes made famous by US general Douglas MacArthur and it really does sum up what happens to our quickly discarded warriors after each and every armed conflict ends.

In 1918 some claimed because WWI was such a horrendous human “meat grinder” there would never be a repeat of another world war because it was just unimaginable to happen again, that it was the war to end all wars!

WWI claimed 17 million lives and had a devastating effect on so many others that it seemed very logical never to repeat something like that.

Thirty years on WW2 happened claiming even more lives and causing even more  worldwide devastation meanwhile, launching our nuclear nightmare with the bombing of Japanese cities Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

War seems a permanent pastime for our “civilized” world because there is just too much money to be made having them flare up somewhere on our planet Earth.

War is costly in both lives, property, and its effect on societies however, international banks profits seem to boom during armed conflicts because they are ready and willing to fund both sides of any war heck, it’s a guaranteed boost to the bottom line!

If you think what I’ve just said about bank profits is bunk, do some real research and you will find the truth!