Bad Dream

A reoccurring bad dream featuring same, familiar old house, spooky trees surrounding it and strange, cloaked, pale- white face appearing in that old worn, black and white picture.
Restless nights lately leaving you wondering why you’re so tired in morning, could be something you ate earlier or..perhaps, it’s that reoccurring bad dream!



Have you lately had restless nights leaving you wondering why you’re so tired when you wake perhaps, may be just something you ate earlier or.. perhaps, it’s that reoccurring bad dream!

Seems it’s always that same, familiar surroundings, that old house, those numerous elongated windows, that single round tower with its small black, wrought iron fence sprouting out of in center of structure’s roof top, the spooky trees around it..and always that strange, cloaked pale-white face.

Then was it yesterday while washing up in the morning and looking in the mirror. you noticed those two tiny puncture marks on you neck, funny that they didn’t itch or anything like when you injure yourself and your body starts its healing process hmmm…

There is something sinister about the face with that evil-looking eye peering over that dark, funeral-black cloak being conjured up in midst and surrounded by thick mist emanating from the ground heck, he always seems to appear in the bottom right-hand corner of that black and white picture!

It just gives you the shivers like when walking through an old graveyard at midnight whistling alone where you may perhaps, meet that very familiar dark figure..and suddenly. you remember who it reminds you of..why yes, it’s the Count, Count Dracula!

Happy Halloween, folks!!!