2018 Summer’s Last

2018 Summer’s last vestiges were morphing into Fall meanwhile, during our beautiful Labor Day weekend this little hummingbird methodically performed his last sortie .


2018 Summer’s last vestiges were morphing into Fall and what remained of this year’s exceptionally warm, balmy weather was quickly disappearing.

During last month’s beautiful Labor Day weekend the little hummingbird was busy buzzing around methodically collecting nectar from his favorite flowers in the small flower bed in front of the cottage.

The little fella sensed this was probably going to be his last sortie visiting his usual Summer haunts, his travel bags were already packed and flight booked for that long trip south away from Quebec’s Eastern Townships and Winter’s cold.

I was sitting on my lawn chair enjoying our exquisite view of Lake Memphremagog early Sunday morning when he flew in unannounced flying to one big red flower then the next and the next poking his long beak into them spending mere moments at each stop.

It’s fascinating how this hardworking, little, bird can zoom around at high-speed then hover near the flowers he prefers extracting nectar and in a flash disappear to where he came from.

Fortunately, I just happen to have my digital camera handy and managed to capture some of the action before our tiny visitor vanished for the last time.