X-Agent secretly was infiltrated onto virus compromised American computers of Democratic National Committee.
Secretly developed by GRU, Russia’s military intelligence cyber division X-Agent was secretly infiltrated into compromised Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee(DCCC) computers afterwards Democratic National Committee(DNC) network.

Specially developed X-Agent secretly infiltrated onto virus compromised American computers..

President Trump is spending the next few days digesting continuing fallout from his disastrous encounter with Mr. Putin after it has finally dawned on him the damage his own words had done to his credibility meanwhile, messing up US interests.

Based on his record the Donald will look for someone other than himself to blame despite what millions of viewers witnessed on their TVs during that long Helsinki conference.

As Trump continues to simmer on the back-burner, more information has emerged about how the alleged twelve indicted Russian GRU intelligence operatives and possible other affiliates, managed to infiltrate and interfere in the 2016 USA elections.

Specially developed software, hacking tool called X-Agent was secretly infiltrated onto virus compromised computers allowing GRU to monitor normal daily computer activity by individuals meanwhile, each keystroke was recorded along with screenshots providing any network passwords being used.

In order to disguise their intrusion, the GRU hackers used leased inexpensive, powerful, servers they easily found available in Arizona and Illinois exploiting the USA’s own internal computer network system to commit their crimes.

Additionally, another specially developed software called X-Tunnel allowed encrypted transfer of purloined data to other GRU controlled leased servers.

This story is not over yet because the Russians continue to exploit every possible freedom allowed them legally in the USA.

As done during Cold War, they will find illegal means(Black Bag of Tricks): buy for cash, theft, coercion, or simply through murder.