Helsinki Summit Opinion

One very cooperative citizen in major American city had this to say when approached on street tonight asked for his Helsinki Summit opinion.
Here is what one very cooperative citizen in major American city had to say when approached on street tonight and asked for his Helsinki Summit opinion.


Approached on street tonight in major American city and when asked for his Helsinki Summit opinion here is what one very cooperative citizen had to say..(depicted)

Donald Trump raised eyebrows when he first suggested the Helsinki Summit, something that gave absolutely no real advantage or merit to happen whatsoever, to the USA and its allies and was contrary to the collective opinion by all rational thinking citizens world over.

It seemed a freebie “escape jail” card for dear old Vladimir Putin to exploit and it turned out a real nightmare for America and its NATO allies.

The summit legitimized Putin in a way Russian media propaganda could only dream of before moreover, it provided a sort of wedge to ease world sanctions that were imposed on Putin’s gang of oligarchs after Crimea was illegally annexed from Ukraine.

Meanwhile, the ongoing hot war in eastern Ukraine that Russia started continues with scant mention by the world media until today when Putin commented that Trump’s position on this is known to be different from his own.

The inevitable and crowning touch happened when Donald gave away all but the proverbial outhouse responding to reporters: “President Putin says it’s not Russia. I don’t see any reason  why it would be!”

This was Trump’s extraordinary, inept, response when asked if he trusted his own intelligence agencies information over that of the Russian president regarding the allegations of Russian meddling in US elections.

The ongoing Mueller Inquiry and US intelligence have already long concluded the 2016 US elections where probably influenced by intense Russian cyber war interference that elected Trump meanwhile, incidentally today, Putin conceded it was the desired outcome, whom he wanted in the White House.

Trump went into the talks with Mr Putin muttering  bland generalities, a ho-hum comment, while signalling a readiness for “let’s make a deal”, any deal, to resume some business with Moscow perhaps, planning for later, for his own Trump Enterprises.

After several centuries with lots of changes, developments, wars, and numerous White House administrations, if there ever were grounds for an impeachment trial of a president for “crimes and misdemeanors and high treason”, today’s actions by Mr. Trump in Helsinki seems to call for one.

Civilized society and our civilized world has never seen a more absurd, deliberate, foolhardy, complete nullification of US presidential power to a cunning, evil, mass-murderer, unrepentant, professional enemy psyops manipulator, all for a token “official” world soccer ball.