My picture depicts an old cur-mudgeon, one of many tall buskers walking on stilts that populate the Quartier-des-spectacles.
When C-U-R- joins with M-U-D-G-E-O-N it describes a crusty, ill-tempered, miserly, old man however, CUR means a non-specific, mixed-breed type dog, a mongrel, it also describes people who are cowards.


Each year Montreal’s annual International Jazz Festival is visited by locals and tourists from across globe including tall old cur-mudgeons, who remain miserable despite wonderful music and fun happening around them.

Although this WP word prompt is for the word C-U-R meaning a mongrel, one of the non-specific, mixed-breed type dogs it can also be applied to people who are cowards however, when C-U-R- is added to M-U-D-G-E-O-N we have a description of a crusty, ill-tempered, miserly, old man.

Ours is someone I met last Friday at the 2018 Montreal Jazz Festival and the nasty way he acted (it was after all, just an act) with fellow passersby and how he looked certainly fit the description of an old curmudgeon.

My picture depicts one of the tall buskers, people walking on stilts, that populate the Quartier-des-spectacles, Montreal’s festival grounds during these events.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”CUR”.