Quebec Liberals seem cash full after huge CDN $1.47 billion Olympic debt paid yet remain inefficient with taxpayers money wasting CDN $250 millions on its new roof.
Being inefficient with taxpayers money seems part of Quebec culture and history, its patrimoine, and Montreal’s “Big Owe” helped set the standard when being built for 1976 Olympic Games.


It’s part of Montreal culture and history, part of Quebec’s patrimoine, and helped set the standard on being inefficient with taxpayers hard-earned money.

Blowing up or dismantling Montreal”s “Big Owe”, the 1976 Olympics Stadium, some say is foolish because the risks involved doing so since the structure is allegedly integrated with other adjacent infrastructures including the Metro (subway system).

Despite the risks involved the Quebec Liberal government’s Olympic Installations Board has looked into this option estimating that it would cost at least $500 and $700 million translating this means probably CDN $2 billions before the dust settles.

As I write this, Montreal’s Olympic Stadium is getting a third new $250-million roof approved in November 2017 by the liberal Philippe Couillard government.

Our Liberal government seems flush full of cash twelve years after paying off that huge debt of CDN $1.47 billion on November 2006 for a project that in 1970 was initially to cost only CDN $134 million.

‘The Olympics can no more run a deficit than a man can have a baby,’ Mayor Jean Drapeau said while presenting a mock-up model of the Olympic Stadium during a press conference, adding that these Games would be self-financing.

The stadium’s history is chock full of structural and financial problems that have plagued it since even before it was only partly completed in time for the 1976 Olympics moreover, despite decades of use it is considered a big white elephant.

Even white elephants earn some merit and this stadium has the largest seating capacity in Canada also its famed inclined tower called the Montreal Tower is the world’s tallest at 175 metres (574 ft) moreover, the “Olympic fiasco” does have a unique, futuristic, shape that tourists still like.

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