Frantic Footwork

Member of French Canadian trio plays fiddle performing Quebecois traditional music involving plenty of frantic footwork during Fete nationale.
French Canadian male trio performing infectious, hypnotic-like, traditional, Québécois music during La Fête nationale requiring plenty of frantic footwork while playing their musical instruments.


Frantic footwork by French Canadian trio added to a traditional Québécois ambiance despite what was happening just a few feet in front of them off stage.

Violin player depicted is playing his fiddle while tapping his boot enveloped feet in a rhythmic fast and nervous like manner synchronized with the infectious, lively, French Québécois music.

The scene is the 2018 La Fete nationale celebrations in Montreal’s West Island, where a trio of young French Canadian male musicians played traditional Québécois tunes meanwhile, the weather around them was overcast and wet putting a definite damper on festivities.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”FRANTIC”.