Lee’s New Wrinkle

Returning Jazz legend Bryan Lee's new wrinkle was a brand new band of mostly seniors creating fantastic show on CBC stage.
Returning Jazz legend Bryan Lee’s new wrinkle this year was appearing on CBC stage with brand new band of mostly senior musicians and putting on a spectacular show after beating his crippling health challenge.


Last Friday during 2018 Montreal’s annual International Festival returning Jazz legend Bryan Lee’s new wrinkle this year was his new band of mostly senior musicians doing the gig on CBC stage.

Bryan apparently had health problems serious enough to cause separation from his other, original, band that I had the opportunity to see on YouTube before venturing downtown for the music.

Bryan arrived assisted on stage by his very helpful, wonderful wife to start of his first gig Friday night after his long two-year period of convalescence.

Before he commenced Bryan Lee fondly reminisced about his last time, several successful previous gigs in Montreal, which he said were his inspiration to return after beating.. recovering enough, from his crippling health challenge.

Despite his health challenges this man certainly put on a spectacular show with his new crew in fact, he did it twice that night, his last  scheduled for 11 PM.

Quebec’s answer to Jerry Lee Lewis of Great Balls of Fire fame, Israel Proulx had the 12 PM gig to conclude the day.

My small set of pictures captures the large crowd and excitement that night when this great musician made his wonderful return to Montreal giving his all.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”WRINKLE”.