Considered talisman of good luck and good fortune intimately tied in with religions the elephant is revered in Far East and Africa.
Elephant is powerful land creature that Far Eastern world considers to symbolize dignity, intelligence, peace, power, and strength moreover, they are a talisman of good luck and good fortune.


In the Far Eastern world the elephant symbolizes dignity, intelligence, peace, power, and strength moreover, they are a talisman of good luck and good fortune.

Being the largest land animal on Earth they also have the largest brain which no doubt is why they are also quite intelligent with many qualities that humans have including emotions that research has shown makes them complex animals with impressive mental capabilities.

Each Far Eastern culture and there are many, has its unique symbolism and meanings regarding what the elephant represents in their lives which is usually intimately tied with far eastern religions.

Chinese consider the elephant an auspicious animal tying their Chinese character for “elephant” (xiang ) with the word auspicious (xiang ) or lucky pronounced similarly.

Furthermore, the creature sometimes is depicted with carrying “treasure” vase (bao ping 宝瓶) on its back again, this is tied with a word “vase” (ping ) that is pronounced similarly to the word for “peace” (pingan 平 安) translating to meaning “may you have ‘good luck’ (elephant) and ‘peace’ (vase)”.

My picture, taken a the Saint Michel flea market, depicts a small, bronze casting of an elephant carrying such a “treasure” on its back.

In Indian culture, specifically Hindu, the elephant is in realm of sacred, minor deity in form of Ganesha who is god of luck, fortune, protection bringing blessing upon all new projects.

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